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Injury to my Tendon in shoulder! Need some assistance

Discussion in 'Injuries' started by Speedbump, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Speedbump

    Speedbump New Member

    Sep 6, 2008
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    Montreal, Canada
    Hey there guys. About 2 weeks ago I felt a large pain that shot up through my arm when going for a jump smash, I thought it was just a random thing so I hit a couple more and it kept coming back. So I gave it a week rest not thinking it was anything big. I had badminton on the Following Monday and I injured it the previous Wednesday. I did not apply Ice or take any anti-inflammatory in that time period. So On Monday once again I went to do a clear after about 5 minutes of play, and there it went again. Pulling hard shooting through my right arm when doing a clear. So I went to the doctor to see what was up with my arm. She diagnosed that I had a moderate tendon strain and gave me a paper on shoulder tendonitus.

    Right now its been 4 days of rest/ice 3 times a day/prescribed anti inflammatory pills 2x a day.

    I'm afraid I'll never be able to play again, It seems like this happens for no reason. I did adequate warm up and made sure to stretch. I know some say Streching should only be for after the game, but considering the state of my shoulder I believe I should definitely be stretching before games.
    I've read a lot of stuff on the internet, and came across something called Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, I'm afraid I might have this. Right now day 5 of healing, when I move my arm around lightly. I do indeed feel a weird muscle movement, almost like a pinch. Like described in the symptoms of the SIS.
    I would like to know how many days after injury I should start doing these exercises. Won't these exercises just reinjure my tendon? or cause more inflammation due to the pinching feeling when moving my arm in a certain way.
    Will I ever be able to play badminton again without pain?
    Maybe theres some better exercises to do, that someone could post a link for me.
    Let me describe the 2 exercises prescribed, by a regular walk-in-clinic doctor. They did take X-rays for your information :)

    1) You lie on your side and with the injured shoulder you raise a can of food, or maybe I could use the 4 pound weights to do it. Anyways, you start with the can near you other arms armpit and raise it near your hip.

    2) take a broom or cane and lay is across your back standing up like as if you were stretching. So your injured shoulder is stretched upwards and your other arm is near your leg.

    I hope my descriptions are good enough. I think I should do more than those exercises when it comes time. So if anyone knows some good ones to prevent further injury, please let me know.

    What weight should I be using, I have 4 pounders at home are those too heavy or should they do fine?

    Thank you for your support, please let me know at your earliest conveniance.
    Best regards,
  2. Fidget

    Fidget Regular Member

    Mar 4, 2008
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    Sorry I can't really treat you over the internet. But I can make some comments on your story.

    First off, I don't think you have to fear that you will never play badminton again. The young heal fast, but it is still early goings. Be patient.

    Second, if you want to know if you are 'ready' for the exercises (and whether they are the right exercises), you may wish to consult a physiotherapist. They can teach you what to do much better than the internet or a piece of paper from your doc. It is worth the price to have someone like that to assess you, direct you, and watch your progress.

    Good luck
  3. tk009

    tk009 Regular Member

    Mar 11, 2004
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    Supposedly at uni studying
    Learning my way around Sydney
    You should be able to play again. As they say time heals all wounds, Id give yourself a month off if it still hurts after that, see the doctor again or a physio. If that fails your probably in trouble, as a last resort you can try ancupunture or something. I would'nt trust the crap you get off google unless its a certified site.
  4. coachgary

    coachgary Regular Member

    Nov 6, 2006
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    Consult a physio/specialist asap, do not delay. Time does heal tendonitis however if its a wound/torn tissue then the resulting scar tissue will cause just as painfull problems in 6-8 weeks time. A physio will give you specific exercises and stretches to treat the problem and increase mobility. Additionally they will also look at your posture and suggest changes and exercises to get your shoulder into a balance.
    Remember the saying "Chest out - shoulders back""!

    One of the biggest no-no's for me is Bicep curls!

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