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Jonatan Christie

Discussion in 'Indonesia Professional Players' started by markuswair, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. indrg

    indrg Regular Member

    Sep 27, 2007
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    Fremont, CA, USA
    VA is now the king of MS while Jonatan can't even beat Ginting. VA is already ahead of all
    his seniors plus LD, SWH, THW, SK and LCW.

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  2. Master

    Master Regular Member

    Jan 27, 2016
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    somewhere on earth
    It's not true that Jonatan can't even beat Ginting. Jonatan's ever defeated Ginting at MAS SSP 2017.

    VA should be ahead of all his senior since he was 2010 Junior Champion, VA 23 y.o. Jonatan Christie still 20 y.o.

    Don't forget about Momota. Seems VA have trouble with Momota. And Ginting won over VA in last Sudirman Cup as well.

    AFAIK Jonatan playing style is different with Ginting. The poor performance of both Jonatan and Ginting in Japan SS after their final match in Korea SS could be understandable.

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