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Jump smashes and overhead backhand clears

Discussion in 'Techniques / Training' started by Temestocles, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Temestocles

    Temestocles Regular Member

    Jan 24, 2009
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    I'm getting pretty good at hitting about any let's call them "normal strokes" and I was wondering if you guys have any tips or suggestions, videos, etc. which may help me get these right:

    Backhand overhead clear

    Jump smash

    I can get it from the back court to the other most of time for the backhand clears, but if you have any idea on how to improve it so it goes line to line, it would be great.

    Fro the jumps smash, I've done one somewhat descent, but I have some trouble on positionning and for the motion. For this one, consider I cannot do it right now. Don't worry, I already have a powerful and accurate ground smash, so I'm not skipping levels. So, any ideas, tips, training, or what ever you think that might make me do it right would be appreciated.

    My game is getting fairly over the level of my class right now except for one guy and I'd like to take it further. There's much place for improvement. Thanks for any advices you post.:cool:
  2. Danstevens

    Danstevens Regular Member

    Oct 17, 2008
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    Nottingham, UK
    Backahnd overhead clear: Not one of my favourite shots to be honest. I can play it though. If you have time to hit it way overhead, you could play a round-the-head shot which would have much more power and accuracy. Even better, perhaps you could run round it and hit a normal clear. If not and you have to play backhand, use your wrist. It is unlikely you'll get as much out of trying to use your arm only. Use a little arm and a lot of wrist. Try to hit it flat if your opponent is not in a position to pick it off. Clearing with height backhand can often lead to making it sit up. Look at the way Taufik Hidayat hits his backhand clear - it's much better than mine lol.

    As for the jumpsmash, I'm good at that. Use the same sort of hitting motion as you do on the ground, you'll need to create more angle though. Only jumpsmash when you got in position early and are able to jump with good balance. If you try and hit if off balance (it can be done but get the basics first), the likelihood is, it'll end up on the next court. Get in position very early and wait. Rock on to your toes a little bit then jump up (and maybe a little forward) whilst swinging. Try to catch the shuttle at its peak (or just as it begins its descent). That didn't explain it too well. It's probably best to check this video out. Notice how Taufik (sorry, it was going to be Fu Haifeng but the videos of his record breaking smash were all blurry and useless) gets just behind the lift, watches it, bounces a little then jumps before firing the shuttle down the line and past Ng Wei.

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