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Ladies Required for Colchester Club

Discussion in 'UK' started by branchini1979, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. branchini1979

    branchini1979 Regular Member

    Aug 15, 2004
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    In regards to thread title "ALL" players are welcome but what my club is short of are lady players.

    I play for Exiles a really friendly nice club in the heart of Colchester and in the past few years we have had less and less ladies, and this is unfortunately mainly to the more competitive higher league teams touting the girls of school age and ladies of high standard to go to their clubs, so even though we are not as high a standard as these clubs we still play league badminton with a mens team and a mixed team but unfortunately the ladies team may have to fold due to low numbers :(

    You will feel so welcome at our club and we can still offer competitive badminton but also a great social aspect too.

    So even when you read this this is not appropriate for you please pass this on and even so a friend of a friend of a friend gets this info we would be so grateful to receive lady players.

    Hope people out there can help!


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