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Li-Ning CPBF Team Mixer (GTA) - Nov 24, 2012 8:30am-9:00pm

Discussion in '2012 Tournaments' started by Trinhity, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Trinhity

    Trinhity Regular Member

    Dec 7, 2004
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    Are you getting bored of the traditional individual or team tournament? Ready for a new exciting way of competing against others? Look no further!!!! We present you with the Li-Ning CPBF Team Mixer.

    This tournament will not only change your perception of what a badminton tournament can be, it also has great prizes as well as a shot at the Li-Ning Team Skill Competition and a ton of FUN!

    Team Make Up
    • 4 - 8 players per team
    • Gender make up of team is irrelevant as advantage equalizers (what? look below for more details) will be used

    Tie/Match Format
    • Ties are best of 5 matches: 2 singles, 3 doubles/mixed doubles
    • Matches are Best 2 out of 3: 21 point system
    • Ties will be organized on a double blind system without ranking. Each team submit their line up of 2 singles and 3 doubles/mixed.
    • In the event a match is played between two different categories (ie. WD vs MD or MD vs XD), advantage equalizers will be used.
    • Each player must play at least 1 match/tie. No player can play more than 2 matches per tie. The same pair cannot play twice in the same tie

    Advantage Equalizer
    This will be used to equal the playing field in the event that competing teams are from different categories. The Advantage equalizer will be used following the below guidelines:
    • WS vs. MS: match starts at 8 - 0
    • WD vs. MD: match starts at 8 - 0
    • XD vs. MD: match starts at 5 - 0
    • WD vs. XD: match starts at 5 - 0

    Tournament Format
    • Round robin to determine flight rounds
    • Knockout Round during flight (A B C D) play until Finals
    • Minimum of 4 ties per team

    Team Skills Competition
    • Each team will get a chance at the Li-Ning Skills competition
    • There are 4 tasks to be completed, each team will select one member to perform one task. Each task must be performed by a different member.
    • Team with the highest points wins.

    • $1000 worth of prizes for flight winners
    • Prizes for the winning team for the Team Skills Competition

    Shuttles: Each team will receive one tube of complimentary shuttles at check in. Teams will share responsibility of providing additional shuttles during tournament.

    Dress Code: Players must wear proper badminton shoes (gum rubber sole).

    Entries open Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012. Email team entries to
    Please include team name, team members, team captain and contact information. Payment information will be emailed to you after we have received your entry. Registration will be considered complete once payment has been received.
    There will be a cap of 16 teams. We will update confirmed teams on facebook.

    • Early bird entry fee: $250 per team (early bird deadline Friday, Nov 2, 2012)
    • Entry fee: $300 per team
    • Entry Deadline: Friday, Nov. 9th, 2012

    Charles Pyne, Angie Lau

    All proceeds from the tournament will go to Charles Pyne Badminton Foundation (CPBF) an aspiring organization to provide sustainable training and coaching clinics to rural Canada and Jamaica as well as equipment assistance through an equipment redistribution program.

    **Anyone with old racquets or badminton shoes they no longer have use for, we will gladly take them off your hands and redistribute them to those who may not have the means to purchase them. **

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