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Lin Dan in problems with name

Discussion in 'China Professional Players' started by FEND., Jan 23, 2007.

  1. FEND.

    FEND. Regular Member

    May 14, 2004
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    Full Time camper. Part
    Perth, Australia

    Wednesday January 24, 2007

    Lin Dan in problems with name
    BEIJING: World badminton champion Lin Dan of China is having trouble cashing in on his new fame.

    He has discovered that his name has already been trademarked – not once, but twice.

    The state-run China Daily newspaper said yesterday that Lin Dan’s name had been trademarked by a health products company, and by a food processing plant. One trademark is in Chinese and the other in pinyin.

    Lin Dan is not the first Chinese sports star to run into trouble trying to register trademarks or Internet domain names. Olympic champion hurdler Liu Xiang and basketball star Yao Ming have also had problems. – AP


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  2. chris-ccc

    chris-ccc Regular Member

    Apr 1, 2006
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    Professional Badminton Coach & Badminton Promoter
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    FEND. to play in Melbourne again soon ?

    Hey FEND.,

    Are you now still in Perth or back in Malaysia? Any chance of coming to play in Melbourne again soon?

    We have already started talking about Lin Dan's trademark problem in this thread = Can Lin Dan's name be bought or sold ???

    Cheers... chris@ccc

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