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Looking for some good matches in Calgary while on Vacation

Discussion in 'Canada West' started by wongvk, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. wongvk

    wongvk Regular Member

    Dec 27, 2002
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    My wife and I will be in Calgary for vacation Dec. 21-23 (Tuesday to Thursday) and interested in playing some badminton. Our level is probably intermediate with some formal training experience with a former Chinese National player. We were wondering where we might go in Calgary to get some good matches in?
  2. heyitsericc

    heyitsericc Regular Member

    Nov 13, 2010
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    next door
    You can drop by Cardel Place located in the NorthWest. It's near a movie theatre (Studio 16) and Superstore.
  3. g0dblissyou

    g0dblissyou Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2007
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    If your looking for good matches to play, you can try going into drop in on wednesday@Bearspaw Badminton Club, 3 courts starts at 8-10:30pm, contact Polo Ung at 403-617-7656 in advance to reserve drop in. Most people there play plastic because it's supply with the 7 dollar drop in fee. Player there have thier own feather birdies too if you prefer playing that, the level there is decent, or on Wednesday you can try Chinook Winds Adventist Academy 7:00pm to 10:00pm, drop in fee also 7 dollars with 3 courts, lvl there is also good contact , to reserve spots. Im also a intermediate player, with some training with the beijing team awhile back, i wouldn't mind playing with you and your wife, you can reach me at

    Address of the two i mention.
    Chinook winds adventist academy
    10101 2nd Ave SW
    Google Map
    Calgary, AB T3B 5T2

    Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre
    253220 - Bearspaw Road N.W.
    Calgary, AB
    T3L 2P5

    Link of map

    Ooops forgot to mention you should bring your own feather birdie if you go to the drop ins, but bearspaw club supply plastics ones. Depending on what you prefer.

    Happy holidays, hope you have a great vacation.
    #3 g0dblissyou, Dec 16, 2010
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2010

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