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Melbourne 2006 Sports Specific Volunteers - Applications Close

Discussion in '2006 Tournaments' started by jump_smash, May 8, 2005.

  1. jump_smash

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    Nov 30, 2002
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    Canberra, Australia
    From Badminton Australia E-mail (Badminton Briefs #24)

    Melbourne 2006 Sports Specific Volunteers - Applications Close
    Thank you to all those people who applied to be a Sports Specific Volunteer for Badminton at the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. You might recall that we were looking for approximately 120 volunteers to work on badminton specific volunteering activities for next years Games. We received 107 applications by the closing date of 29 April. Late applications will be considered. Melbourne 2006 will use their generic volunteer pool if there are any gaps in the volunteer roles for badminton. The process and dates from here are:

    April 29:
    Sport Specific Volunteer Applications close

    Early May:
    Selection Panel - (Matt Weisheit, Stuart Borrie) meets

    May 27:
    Successful applicants sent a letter and M2006 Comm.
    Games Volunteer Info. Guide and Application Form

    May 27:
    Unsuccessful applicants will be advised in writing

    June 24:
    M2006 Comm. Games Volunteer Info. Guide and Application Form
    due back to Badminton Australia

    July 22:
    Letter sent advising of your M2006 SSV role /expectations leading up
    to and during the M2006 Commonwealth Games

    Sept 2 – 4:
    Australian International / M2006 Test Event - SSV ‘s will be required
    to attend and perform assigned M2006 role (except overseas SSVs).
    Attend training programs as prescribed

    Aug/ Sept:
    M2006 processes the application and has Police records checked.
    Please note that all positions offered are ‘subject to a police check'
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