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news announcement on Badminton Australia National Coach

Discussion in 'Australia / New Zealand' started by jump_smash, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. jump_smash

    jump_smash Regular Member

    Nov 30, 2002
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    Canberra, Australia
    Following E-mail was sent out yesterday by National Executive Director (NED) Stuart Borrie and relates to the news announcement on BA National Coach:

    Dear Members

    On Monday, Badminton Australia will put out a media release to announce the
    appointment of a new National Coach to start in December. As Robin at the
    AGM, the decision to appoint a National Coach is the result of an ongoing
    review of all aspects of the national High Performance Program which started
    in July.

    We are very fortunate to have Claus Poulsen joining us from Denmark in
    December. Claus has coached some of Europe's top national teams / squads in
    the Netherlands and Denmark and he is currently in a head coach position at
    the national Team Denmark Centre in Aarhus. Claus was previously Assistant
    Coach to the Dutch National Team for two and a half years leading up to and
    during the Athens Olympic Games and following the Olympics returned to his
    native Denmark to take up the position at the Danish National Centre in

    The National Coach is responsible for the technical, tactical, physical and
    mental preparation and international success of Australia's elite badminton
    players in the national squad(s). His immediate focus will be player
    preparation for the Commonwealth Games and the Thomas & Uber Cup and Oceania
    Championship in February. Claus will be working with the current team -
    Strength & Conditioning Trainer, Luke Pryor, Rhonda Cator, Andrew Perks and
    Murray Hocking will support the HP Program through assistant coaching and
    the HP Program will continue to work with Dr Melissa Arkinstall from
    Exercise Research Australia on the Sports Science side in the lead up to the
    Commonwealth Games.

    The strength and conditioning program and fitness testing protocols
    currently being implemented at the National Senior Squads will be
    incorporated at the Development Squad level - and Rhonda Cator, National
    Junior Coach and Corinne Barnard, Junior Development Manager will roll out
    the fitness testing protocols with the coaches and players at the National
    Junior Camp in Ballarat in January. These fitness testing protocols and the
    conditioning programs will be part of the coach and player development for
    the pilot State/Regional Squads Corinne Barnard discussed at the AGM
    presentation day on 23 October.

    I will copy you in on the media release Monday.


    Stuart Borrie

    National Executive Director

    Badminton Australia


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