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Non existent problems created by Recalcitrants

Discussion in 'Malaysia Professional Players' started by Pakito, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Pakito

    Pakito Regular Member

    Jan 16, 2011
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    service consultant
    "There is no need to put down a player just so that you can praise and affirm another, be it the fact that the players compared are from different countries, races or not." I have even seen mad haters do and judge this upon players from the same team and country ie WYH and LXR. Poor LXR for being lucky and talented.

    Many times I have seen unnecessary sweat and brain power being poured into issues being 'set afire by an arsonist' who has clearly personal unreserved hatred and deep seated bias towards a certain player or a certain race or that this arsonist has a thinking that the only way to support his idol is to step on another player's face and all over him. And once this commences, then the cycle of justification commence and the war starts, all thanks to this arsonist. I find that majority of BCers are of a 'give and take' attitude, open to other opinions and some even are humble. It is when these are 'taunted with unreserved all out 'batu api' that wants to pick up a fight with just about anybody and everybody that causes even a 'cool Morten Frost' BCer to react.

    No need to waste such of our precious resources and brain power on such trivial insipid matters. I admit when a player is classes above the rest, it is a thrill to watch. But the heart of the matter is, if all the while you win again and again and again, it is boring and sickening even to yourself also. It is when badminton brings a kaleidoscope of players of different talents and has different ways to excite you that is more important and brings eternal life to the sport. Another way to make this more heartfelt is to think of yourself as the 'god' of badminton, the take your shoes and rackets to the empty courts and play all by yourself. Then you will begin to shout "someone, anyone, pls play with me".

    So let's try to see the good in other players and praise your own favourite player at that. You can do both, trust me. This applies to all threads from this universe and extraterrestrials forums.

    I do not know why this is especially prevalent in the WS players category, maybe due to the fact that a certain female is the apple of the eye of a 'male' with an ego the size of the planet and finds that he has resort to immature rantings. Please remember that each existing player represent a color of our badminton rainbow without which the rainbow has less pixels. It is with variety and talent arrays that the winner finds it more challenging and exciting, likewise to us spectators.

    If you are still recalcitrant, go play badminton against the wall like squash.

    Saina does not wish to win by having her opponent retire in a match anymore than WYH, WX or any other player may want to wish hurtful injuries upon themselves. Who wants to get an injury and then further play to risk ending their career prematurely? Let us not make badminton a tool to alienate people but to bring happy families together.
  2. eaglehelang

    eaglehelang Regular Member

    Sep 19, 2007
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    Seems our Pakito havent met prof P , one who takes great pleasure in criticizing Msian players although he is Msian, and angered many Msian BCers with the intense criticism.

    Not forgetting Mr C,one of the China fans. As they say, it takes all types to make a world.
    #2 eaglehelang, Nov 1, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2012
  3. cobalt

    cobalt Moderator

    Aug 7, 2010
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    P is history. So is M. And R. And a few of his other iterations. Those types are the ones that are easily identifiable. There are others who are much more insidous. They are part of the spectrum of human nature; a product of the times. Then there are the gullible and the misinformed or the indoctrinated. Is this gloomy enough for you? :D
  4. Cheung

    Cheung Moderator

    Apr 25, 2002
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    wannabe badminton phototaker
    Outside the box
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