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Old Vs New

Discussion in 'Racket Recommendation / Comparison' started by Yogi, Jan 30, 2002.

  1. Yogi

    Yogi Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
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    I dont Knwo whether It is Just me who feels this or Some of u also feel Teh same! I somehow prefer The Older Symbol Rackets Of Yonex and carlton!

    As to carlton I still think There is no racket produced in the same characterstics of Aerogear 700Fx! The Older Symbol rackets felt more stronger and lasted longer than the Airblade range of rackets! The AS 1 and AS ti is not yet through the Grilling process as yet! as to playabilty I think Only The Ab 2000 was way better than the Aerogear 2000TFX!

    The aerogear 900Fx, 800FX, 700Fx, 1000Fx were way better than successors! I dont knwo why! even though The Airblade 900 Is supposed to play the same way as Aerogear I somehow believe that The sturdy feeling in the aerogear is not there in the Airblade and The Airblade is stiffer than the aerogear!

    Coming to yonex, except the cab 21 and 20 which were produced in the New symbol i still think that the Cab 15,Cab 3, Iso 200, Iso600, Iso 800 and slim 10were all great rackets! according to me they are way better than the Present day Iso 750,Iso 300 and all other nonsense!

    I think Only the Ti 10 and Mp 77 are actually better than the Old Iso series of rackets! The Mp 55 is in par with the The Older series but the Inbetween transition was slightly sad for Yonex! for some reason i strongly believe that Except for Ti 10 no other racket feels as strong adn sturdy as a Iso 600 or Iso 800!

    Is it a problem that u lose sturdiness as The rackets gets stiffer(except for Ti 10)

    The most saddening part was that there are very few players arnd teh world who actually appreciate The Great iso 600 and Iso 200! They dont even the same recognition as Iso 800 or Iso 900!

    I strongly believe that if u cant play well with a iso 600 Then U cna never damn play well with anything else!

    I am all in all for the Old symbol rackets and woudl always love to invest my money in one anytime over the present day models!

    I am sorry that I completely forgot the Aerotus series! They were the best Widebody doubles rackets that Yonex has ever produced!

    It is very saddening to know that Teh same Quality does not exisit anymore! I Miss the cab 20 and all the other greats!
  2. jon

    jon Guest

    I strongly agree with this post...

    I've been hearing much about the mp100s breaking... and this is sad.. because you pay such a high price for such a low quality racket...

    also i'm wondering what is causing this...?

    I've played with the older carltons(aerogear) that you've mentioned... and the aerotus series.... both of which were superb racquets with high quality...

    but lately i've been seeing alot of racquets that just dont have the feel like the older series one do...

    Sigh... I hope these manufacturers change this... Its a pity that only the top players/sponsored players only get the good racquets... and the users get the lower quality///

    good post...
  3. TDotSmAsHer

    TDotSmAsHer Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
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    Student Gr 11 in Sept.------- badminton player/ad
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    I dunno.. all i know is mp-55 is great! :)

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