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periodization of training

Discussion in 'Techniques / Training' started by shibbish, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. shibbish

    shibbish Regular Member

    Apr 13, 2006
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    Hi all. I've searched for information regarding periodization of training but couldn't find much results. I'm new to this as well so I was wondering if anybody in here could help me. From what I gathered each periodization should consist of a macrocycle ( a long-term kind of cycle) and it generally gets broken down to
    1. Prepatory stage (aerobic fitness, general strength lower weights, higher reps) (skills wise- technical aspect, drills low intensity high volume)
    2. Pre-competetive (anaerobic > aerobic, strength- badminton specific exercises higher weight, lower reps, power- plyometrics) (skills wise- tactical, pressure drills, conditioned games etc.)
    3. Competetive( maintenance) (skills wise- psychological)
    4.Off season (rest)
    You'll get the specifics from googling it but here's the general.

    anyway some questions:
    my aim is to get into my rather competitive school team and selection trials are conducted around feb-march. competetive season is from april-may.
    Being a student, I have exams coming up in 2 months time. now, I am trying to build up on aerobic fitness and general strength, but the weeks before and during exams there will be little time for me for training and high stress levels. what can I do during this period of time? I don't want to waste my training from before.

    also, my main gripe about my game is that I am slow in court and not strong enough. should I emphasize this more in my training program than stamina and endurance? like spend less time on aerobic workouts and more time on weights, plyo?
  2. stumblingfeet

    stumblingfeet Regular Member

    Jun 16, 2004
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    What's most important is having a systematic method of developing your weaknesses and developing your sporting form. Periodization is simply a structure to guide you. What you want to do is map out important dates (tryouts, competitions, league finals) and make sure your training will get you into form at that time. A good thing about periodization is that it can help keep you from getting stale once league finals come around (At least it does in theory).

    Anyways, I would organize the phases slightly differently:

    1A General Physical Preparation
    - physically intensive (i.e. you feel the burn), you learn to push yourself through the physical discomfort of long anaerobic work intervals
    - work intervals typically 30-120 seconds in duration
    - exercises could be a combination of agility exercises and weights
    - badminton drills would be largely serial drills (i.e. hitting shots in a pattern), emphasis on consistency, and longer sets (2+ minutes)

    1B - Special Physical Preparation
    - Now that you've developed the ability to work hard, you can decrease the training frequency but increase the intensity to work on strength, explosive power, reactive power and speed
    - physical work intervals 5-20 seconds in duration
    - skill exercises might include more multishuttle drills that force a high pace

    2 - Precompetitive
    - physical training becomes a lower priority, getting yourself game ready is more important
    - skill training has less emphasis on technical development (technique should be pretty good by now), and more on tactical stuff like decision making, shot reading, positioning, deception, etc

    3A - Main Competitive Phase
    - learn how to raise your mental intensity when it matters the most
    - learn how to work your skills to maximize your chances of winning
    - physical training is on maintenance

    3B - Peak Competitive Phase
    - go for the win in the finals!
    - this phase is usually only 1-2 weeks long
    - little or no physical training at this stage

    4 - off season
    - give yourself a break so you'll start off the next cycle refreshed and enthhusiastic

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