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Place To Play 4 Beginner In TORONTO

Discussion in 'Canada East' started by GuY in TdOt, Jan 7, 2002.

  1. GuY in TdOt

    GuY in TdOt Guest

    Hi everyone. Does anyone in Toronto know a place to play badminton. I'm really really really really bad... I'm a beginner and any places anyone know where to play ? Preferably, a place with lots of beginners - intermediates hehhe :) like myself. I'm 15 and am looking forward to learnin this game:) (right now I miss the birdie 50 percent of the time ! )
  2. bokchoi

    bokchoi Guest

    You can try Swansea Community Centre...they have alot of beginners !
  3. GuY in TdOt

    GuY in TdOt Guest

    Can you give me a person/number to contact? or location? thanks.
  4. bokchoi

    bokchoi Guest

    Here it is 15 Waller Ave. Toronto, ON (416) 392-6796 Not sure who's in charge though, but anyways cheers !
  5. divirtual

    divirtual Guest

    See reply to TORONTO BADMINTON

    I've put details about George Brown College, in the above posting, and won't repeat them here (since I'm not from the Department of Redundancy Department)
  6. TDotSmAsHer

    TDotSmAsHer Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Student Gr 11 in Sept.------- badminton player/ad
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    number to contact please:) hehe.. iposted above

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