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Playing Past Your Prime or Leave while basking in Limelight?

Discussion in 'Professional Players' started by Pakito, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Pakito

    Pakito Regular Member

    Jan 16, 2011
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    service consultant
    In the true spirit of BC (or any other forum for that matter), let us be reminded to be civil and be open, and not overbearing orrecalcitrant. (PIA - Pain in the you know what)

    While players like Yang Yang, Xiong Guo Bao knew when to retire while at the top, and likewise Zhao who retired after having lost to Hermawan Susanto in his last tournament outing, there are other players who don't, like Rudi Hartono who was requested by Indonesia to compete after a bout of retirement, Peter Gade who really cannot be said that he was past his prime around the time he retired (but yes, almost past his prime) , are receiving accolades of praises. And what is already happening now (whether right or wrong I leave it to the floor) is the ridicule that Taufik is facing. This mostly come from the 'not-his-fans' category, one would think. But who knows, maybe there are some of his fans out there (probably very little and inconsequential) who feels that Taufik should indeed retire instantly and cancel out this opportunity for being a target of ridicule.

    Of course it can't be denied that a player as polished as Taufik, when once he regularly gets dethroned by players much below par than him, this openly invites people to think -hhm, should Taufik retire? It can't be denied also that Taufik has retirement already on his mind, but probably the sports community are asking him - why putting off until so late? On the other side of the fence, I think Taufik does not mind with his 'Dare to lose' mentality. Playing for the love of the sport. Or maybe he hungers for just one last title before he calls it a day.

    But alas, every player will have his pros and cons on this matter, plucking out the flower petals to get to the finals answer. Some will have it good and fans are forgiving, some will not have it good and others are not so forgiving.
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  2. limsy

    limsy Regular Member

    Mar 14, 2008
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    [If you cannot win and the only excuse you can come up with is the same old excuse.]

    yeah,thats why we have i-drank-too-much-cold-water,the line judges/umpire is unfair so i-flying-racket-toward-limao or my-finger-was-injured-during-my-shopping-yesterday.

    we have wonderful and unthinkable excuse,thanks to ur idol/god.

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