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Re: Yonex rackets and String Tensions

Discussion in 'Badminton Rackets / Equipment' started by Windy, Apr 15, 2000.

  1. Windy

    Windy Guest

    <html>Hi, everyone!<br>I am planning to buy two out of these four Yonex rackets: Cab20long, 20Power, Cab22 and IsoPower900SR. I am looking for recommandations and suggestions on which of these two would fit me the best.<br>Well, I am a single player, I am not very good and a bit slow and I am very short, but I am really into it and will probably play for a very long time. I like to hit clears but have trouble doing smashes and recieving it, becasue I am too slow, I guess.I use more of my arm than my wrist. I can't hit very hard, but I am trying to improve on hitting hard.<br>Can any of you tell me the differences between these three Cab models? You can also suggest other models if you really feel that none of these four is good for me. Should I have two of the same model or two different model?<br>How about strings on these four rackets, if BG80 or BG 60 are good, what is the recommanded tension? I play with platic shuttlecocks. Should the main and the cross tension be the same or should they be different? Why and how can I tell?<br>Lots of questions, thanx a million :)

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