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Saturday, march 27th Wangsa Maju ?

Discussion in 'Malaysia' started by itzelaife, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. itzelaife

    itzelaife Regular Member

    Dec 1, 2006
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    Aumont (Jura-France)
    Thank you to Rendra, Lo, Jeff and others I yet forgot the name for the good play 4th past.

    It was really pleasant and I will never thank you enough to find a court to play ... 2 hours of drive and so much phone callings ...

    If, you want, I propose you to meet in Wangsa Maju Saturday, march 27th at nite. I don't know how to proceed to list all a them who want to play, so I let you book for a court (isnt'it Jeff ?)

    Please to explain me how to go there or pick me up at Kameleon traveller's lodge, Jalan Lama, KL.

    See U


    PS : Dunny Tan and others friends of Cheras statium badminton, if you read these lines, please come with us we could be eat and drink something togheter after.


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