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Setting up the goals, plans and structures for achieve your Dreams

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by ljutzkanov, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. ljutzkanov

    ljutzkanov Regular Member

    Jun 15, 2010
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    Professional Badminton Coach
    This is one of the most crucial topics. Making the correct goal setting is essential for each area - mental, physical, technical and tactical and of course for your performance.

    What does mean correct goal settings?
    1. Defining the "Dream". Many people call it a dream, because it look impossible.
    Impossible is nothing! See my other post here.

    2. Breaking down the "Dream" into "possible" goals.
    Any Dream can be broke down into smaller and much more "possible" goals. Of course to do so, it requires knowledge and understand how to break it down.
    - remember the priorities of influence of the areas: 1st) mentality, 2nd) conditioning (coordination, agility, endurance,....everything what is connected with your physiology comes here, thats why I use the word conditioning, as being in condition for badminton...), 3rd) technical and 4th) tactical. This is general, of course it depends what is your level. However there is great reason why they are setup in this way. The mentality influences all others. The conditioning is the second which influences the others, without the mentality. The technical is the area which influences the tactics without the conditioning and without the mentality. So each of them influences the followed areas.

    3. Building the "incubator" structure for achieving your plans.
    What is training plan? Setup of priorities for training. The 1st priority is the highest and probably the weakest link and the last training priority is probably the strongest link.

    To be able to setup a correct plan and afterwards a correct structure you MUST test all the areas.
    I say MUST, because we - the coaches - have the habit of assuming the problems, without being sure that this is the real problem, not the effect of the problem. Every time when I am 99.9% sure about the situation that I am dealing with and I do the testings, I understand that I was wrong. May be 5 or 10% wrong, but in a long term this is a lot! So no assuming - real facts ONLY :).

    Advice - test each area in the priorities which I gave you above - mentality, conditioning, technical and tactics. Why? Exactly because of the reason I wrote above - each area influences the areas after itself, not the areas before. I guarantee you will be surprise of the results :).

    The testing by itself is a whole science - if there is interest I will publish one of mine assignments exactly about testing. It is around 50 pages, but it might be worthed for some of you.

    Now - you have the plan and you have to build the right structure.

    By structure I mean training structure. The plan is only about determining the priorities, the weak and strong links, the methods which are going to used for solving them and the time which you have for dealing with them (don't forget the restoration time and ratio of each of your players!). The structure is the key of the effectiveness of you plan. Here you BEAT ANY SYSTEM (especially to pBm :)), if you can optimize your training. It is possible to use different methods for each area and literally to develop great mentality, conditioning, techniques or tactics in much shorter time that you can even think about. Very small example is the customize version of the TABATA method for badminton. You can achieve increase of your VO2 max up to 28% more in only 6 weeks!!! Now those who really understand what I just said, should say - WOW!!!

    //again by customized TABATA method for badminton, not normal TABATA method...If any interest, I will write about it as well//

    This is valid for each of the training areas. EACH! Now if you don't know how it works, don't reject it. If you don't know it, or never heart of it, doesn't mean it doesn't work :). It is all about applied science :)

    Now - recommended structure - just follow the priorities again - mentality -> conditioning -> technical -> tactical. Of course according to the level and the weak links, the attention to each of this areas is going to be different. Normally the people turn attention to the weakest link. So you want to put maximum time working with your weakest link. But as well you have to turn great attention of how this weak link is applied, so to be able to use your strongest link (strongest side, etc...), so in this way you are going to bridge your weakest link with your strongest and in the time the weakest or the effect of it will disappear.

    Tip: as good as you are, you will understand that you will start to spend more and more time into the tactical training and less and less time into the 3 before them. But you will know how to develop them with minimum amount of time and how to use the tactical training to develop all others.

    One more tip. Each area includes the areas which are before it. Thats actually just the same as I said above - each area influence all the rest which follows. :) So simply said: to perform 100% in the conditioning area - you need to be able to perform 100% in the mentality area, to perform 100% in the technical area - you need to perform 100% in the mentality and in the conditioning area and guess what? - it is just the same about the tactics - to perform 100% tactics you need to perform 100% in of the rest ares.

    Here may be somebody already wonders what is involved into the tactics? (another topic if there is interested about it).

    This structure is developed after summarizing around 2200 researches, case studies, biomechanical analysis, etc. I it is known as SSL training structure (please refer to it like that) :). Now I know that many people will say that it has to be different. For sure it can be different. I can just show you for each specific case which you give me the benefits from this structure and how to use it each time achieving whatever you want. Of course there is many different ways to do it. Thats one of them. It is just about getting incredible training effect in the shortest possible time (max training effect is almost 1:1 if you know how to apply it correctly!).

    Remember! The structure comes from right planning and it is the "INCUBATOR" for your players, where you will get "born" champions or something else. If you don't like the result of what comes out of the "INCUBATOR" than probably you should change something. The principle behind is: the people adapt according the conditions which they are in. It is in our "blood" to try to skip or make it easier for us - so if you create the right conditions inside of this "INCUBATOR" you will see how the champions are coming one after an other. Of course, probably not everybody will accept this conditions for trainings (here comes the natural selection). Thats why one of the most important principle behind selecting the right players for one group (which you put in this "INCUBATOR") is the principle of determining the Dream and the Desire for achieving the Dream. Only than you can really work with all your players in a way, that you as coach also will feel - that all are there for a HIGHER PURPOSE and that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

    Have a great training! :)

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