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Shoulder Pain

Discussion in 'Techniques / Training' started by Bieffe, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. Bieffe

    Bieffe Guest

    When ever I attemp to smash my shoulder hurts and i cannot fully extend my arm. Causing to me miss entirely or hit it totally off course. I took a 3 week break hoping that that bad shoulder will just go away but to no avail.

    What can i do to save myself and where to go in Singapore to look 4 theraphy?

  2. Dan

    Dan Guest

    Sounds like you have rotator cuff issue. It can be serious enough to have surgery but better seek a professional advise before you proceed furthur. I had some shoulder injury a while ago but I decided to go for acupunture. It helped me even with my constant "tennis" elbow. I now do not have such pain. Acupunture could be your alternative choice. Good luck!
  3. jon

    jon Guest

    all i'd suggest is stop playing badminton for a month, or till you fully recover...
    acupuncture will help... good luck with your arm...try not using it as much...maybe try massaging it... and hot bathing...w/epilson salt might help.

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