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Store Profile: E78

Discussion in 'Market Place' started by Azrael2k, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Azrael2k

    Azrael2k Regular Member

    Dec 20, 2013
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    Seeing as I am a bit bored and currently in HK, I thought I'd do a little write up in regards to the badminton store I ventured to today which is situated not too far from Diamond Hill station. Though it is quite hard to locate, the use of google maps makes everything easy to find these days :).

    First and foremost, this store was by far the most friendly of all the stores in Hong Kong that i have been to so far (ESL, Rose, Hippo etc. in MK/Jordan/TST). Good customer service wasn't the only thing that I noticed, but also the prices were much cheaper! For example, I purchased the new Korean thomas cup 2014 shirt at only 331HKD which is roughly 30-40 HKD cheaper than most if not all the stores!

    The store owner was most helpful and pretty much followed me and went back and forth checking stock for me on items that I had an interest in. If stock was not in the store he would immediately call up what i assume were his suppliers for an instant stock check. For instance, the BS-LYD 4u (2nd gen) was out of stock and thanks to him he called up his suppliers and ordered from Taiwan for me. He was even tempting me by knocking off 50HKD + free stringing and grips on the relatively new Thruster k9000 which I managed to fend off!

    The shop itself, is quite big and has a good selection of Victor, Yonex, mizuno, gosun and some li-ning clothing, a decent selection of shoes and socks and a vast collection of rackets! He does also sell some squash/tennis and dumbells for home exercise.

    What I loved the most was his enthusiasm in wanting to do business and honesty (showing the breakdown of the bill after to make sure everything added up and that no discounts were missed out). Hopefully when I head back on Friday to pick up my racket I can take some pictures of roughly how to get there and the layout of his store!

    I urge people,who like me head back to HK frequently to visit there and give his store a try! Just a heads up for those who maybe are limited on their cantonese there maybe a problem in that aspect, but that shouldn't discourage you in visiting as most places I assume would be cantonese based anyway!

    I think what really rounded up was the fact that when I asked for a poster(very hard if not impossible to get in hk) he gave me one for free.

    I hope I've given you a brief snapshot of this store, any questions feel free to drop a message and i'll do my best to answer them based on what I saw today!

    Their website is: and any queries or anything give them an e-mail and you might just be surprised!

    ***Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong area (couldn't seem to post in the store profile area) or if anyone has had a bad experience there! This is purely just based on what experienced today***
  2. demolidor

    demolidor Regular Member

    Jan 21, 2003
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