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The Badminton emerging and dominating power in the coming years

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by indrg, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. indrg

    indrg Regular Member

    Sep 27, 2007
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    Fremont, CA, USA
    I see many and exciting emerging power trending based on the few SS tournaments post the England 2012 Olympic:

    MS :
    Post LCW, LinDan, Taufik and Peter Gade era, I have been impressed with the landscape where emerging young players from India's Parupalli, Malaysia's Daren and Danish players like Jan O Jorgensen and Viktor Axelsen are becoming a regular contenders when LCW, LinDan are nowhere around.

    The Ranking I think is still in this order:
    CHN, then the rest (all countries: MAS, INDIA, DENMARK, HONGKONG/SOUTH KOREA/JAPAN -- I am not impressed with Indonesia at all: the players are already too old and too late if they never won SS).

    I am really impressed with THA ladies. They are young, agile and can go head-to-head with CHN. CHN is not a power-house in this category. CHN, THA, GERMANY's Juliane, TAIPEI and INDIA's Saina dominate here. (No Indonesia ladies at all)

    I am pretty certain the SOUTH KOREA will dominate. The Koreans pairs shuffled post Jung Jae Sung's retirements surprisingly rise to the top and won 2 SS already.
    No any other CHN pairs will dominate after CY/FHF.
    KOREA is on top and they will win most of the SS, then DENMARK. After those 2 countries, the rest are JAPAN, CHN and INDONESIA and they will only win the GP tournaments.

    CHN is still the best in this category. I am disappointed with the top 2 Indonesian pairs. They both lost to CHP/LYG. This Malaysian pair is making the news nowadays.
    The ranking for XD : CHN, then INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, DENMARK.

    CHN is still on top. They seems to have new pairs that rise to the top and dominate the event so quickly.Ma Jin is a monster. She is the XD/WD top specialist over powering Zhao YunLei now.

    The ranking for WD: CHN then DENMARK, JAPAN.

    Please chime in with your opinions.

    #1 indrg, Nov 17, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2012
  2. alans

    alans Regular Member

    Apr 27, 2012
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    The Ranking I think is still in this order:
    CHN, then the rest (all countries: MAS, INDIA, DENMARK, HONGKONG/SOUTH KOREA/JAPAN -- I am not impressed with Indonesia at all: the players are already too old and too late if they never won SS).

    you must be kidding , MAS daren liew and chong wei feng are 25yo , and gonn a br 26 next year .. it's OLD !!! haha

    MAS youngster is Zulfadly Zulkifly (20 yo) who never won any Senior Title , and INA youngster Wisnu Yuli who just Dumped MAS veteren Hafiz Hashim and grabbed title in Malaysia Int Chalenge , runner up Indonesia and Vietnam int Chalenge :)

    Wisnu Only join 8 tourney this year , so there will be Macau and Korea GPG .. so I predict that he will be in top 40 in the end of the year :)
    #2 alans, Nov 22, 2012
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  3. |_Footwork_|

    |_Footwork_| Regular Member

    Dec 13, 2011
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    Smashikon, Driveland
    wang yihan is 24
    li xuerui is 21
    wang shixian is 22
    uprising Chen Xiaojia is 21

    several other WS players from china in thee top 20.
    they arer still no1 in WS for the next years to come. don't forget they have some problem (injuries...) after the OG, but they still dominate in the years to come!

    MS: a tough one. if lin dan will come back, he'll be the dominator. i guess china will be no1, chen long, uprising wang zhengming...

    WD: well... china.

    MD: think you're right with korea. they are so good... not denmark, the have nothing behind boe/mogensen and they are not that young...;-)

    MX: zhang is so gifted. think china is ahead here too...
  4. Yuzo64

    Yuzo64 Regular Member

    May 18, 2009
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    Tough to predict anything, really, but here's my take.

    China still on top, clearly, but India has got a couple of very good prospects indeed, curious to see how they'll evolve. Japan is still consistent, nothing amazing, but solid players in the Top 10. Personnally, I think Sony Kuncoro may produce some upsets and win some reknown tournament in the near future.

    Korea is obviously gonna trust the spotlights, 2 pairs in the Top 10, Japan also very strong and making steady progress, definitely got to be wary of them ! As far as potential is concerned, the Thai pair Bodin/Issarat is the one that comes to mind, they've got what it takes to become the new KKK/TBH.
    China won't be as dominant as before, but hey, you can't have one Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng every generation^^ Still, their "youngsters" showed some promise, I'm sure in 2 to 3 years at least one pair will be in the Top 5, battling for all the major tournaments.

    China is very consistent in producing champions, and as long as Ma Jin keeps on playing... Still, this is pretty open, but I fear Denmark and Indonesia will fall a little, compared to their recent success. Looking forward to seeing how Yoo Yeon Seong and Ye Na Jang will evolve as well, they could become a major force and break through soon enough. Russia also shows good improvement recently, who knows...

    Can't say I follow WS and WD close enough to make a statement about these categories, unfortunately, but it's still nice to see that there are more and more players coming from different countries, and that China is less and less dominant.
  5. thesoothsayer

    thesoothsayer Regular Member

    Aug 10, 2003
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    Malaysia, S. Korea
    Was wondering along the same lines myself, but more of a who's the most promising badminton prodigy? LD and LCW won their first tournaments at around 20. Haven't seen any winners that young recently.

    A lot has been said in Malaysia about our backup players, but I notice that many of them are already over 22 and haven't won anything yet. I don't harbour any hope of them ever reaching LCW's standard.

    Viktor Axelsen seems to be the highest ranked youngster in MS. The rest are far behind. However, don't recall seeing him play, so not sure how good he is.

    For WS, I think there are quite a few youngsters coming up, although China will still probably dominate for years.

    How about the other events? No outstanding youngsters (under 21s) spring to mind.

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