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wanna go to l'am(toronto)?

Discussion in 'Canada East' started by joseph, Dec 2, 2001.

  1. joseph

    joseph Guest


    first of all, is l'am still open on sundays? how about saturday? and what are the times?

    second, does any intermediate/advanced players want to meet up to go play this sunday(or saturday if sunday's not open). please reply if interested...
  2. Wilson M

    Wilson M Guest

    I went last saturday to check l'am out just to see if it was open, when i got there with my friend it wasn't even open. I just moved into a new house in Scarbrough so i wanted to check out L'am after reading some posts but it wasnt' open. Is there another place in Scarbrough to play saturday nights? I know a place near Donland station that i play quite often with my friend the competetion is alright there are some teens that only play on the side courts but the middle courts are for the better players me and my friend play there i'm just an intermidate player whos still learning but my friend is at a level of adults he quite good, he'll probably give most people a good game.
  3. Wilson M

    Wilson M Guest

    opps forgot to ask if i went to the right building when you say L'am you mean at L''am high school right?
  4. joseph

    joseph Guest

    sorry, i meant l'ammoureux community center, at kennedy and mcnichol.
  5. Wilson M

    Wilson M Guest

    Do you have the directions?
  6. joseph

    joseph Guest

    check 2nd post(by creative)
  7. Creative

    Creative Guest

    Yep, Saturdays and Sundays L'am community centre is open to anyone willing to have fun playing badminton. Saturdays is from 8:00pm-11:00pm. Fee is $5. Sundays are from 8:00am-2:00pm. $5 is price of admission. Both days have separate memberships and if you plan on going on both days then it would be economical to pay for membership. Directions to L'am Community Centre: Slightly revised...

    Corner of McNicoll & Kennedy. Anyone heading to L'amoureux from the north, please take Birchmount, Warden, or Victoria Park and then turn left on to McNicoll and drive straight ahead and L'am is on your left just before Kennedy. If coming from the south, take Kennedy and then turn left when you see McNicoll. Hope the directions are easy to follow. More people show up the more fun it will be. If coming from the east, take any major road and turn onto McNicoll and head west till you get to Kennedy and L'am is on the northwest corner.

    Directions while you enter building:

    Walk downstairs when you get inside the building. The stairs is right in front when you enter the building. Go down the stairs and make a left and you will see mens and ladies washrooms. You will see one gym right beside the washrooms, don't go in there. Go through the doors beside the first gym and continue walking. You will hear the beautiful sounds of smashes and you are there.
  8. Creative

    Creative Guest

    I have to say that Saturday competitiveness is much greater then Sunday. People are more snobby and will only play with you if you are really good. "Really good", meaning you had been trained professionally. You will get teams mens or mix approach you to play if they feel you are a good match for them. The level is higher and people want to play and beat you. Also, the crowds get pretty big. Nine courts and at least forty to fifty people. I talked to Ken, the man in charge and he tells me the teens and people in their twenties play Saturday. Sunday, is more relaxed and all age groups come to play.
    I prefer Sundays because we all are there to enjoy badminton and not just kill each other and see who is the best. You have beginners to advanced players and most of them are intermediate except for the advanced teams mentioned above. There are a few guys in their 40's that play very well. Their skill level is intermediate and they would be very good if they were in their prime. They are slower now but they have skilled shots(drops and placement). I play against them every week since I've been to L'am. For equipment freaks, most of them use Ti-10 and ISO SP there. A handful of them use the legendary ISO800, some Ti-5 to Ti-8, ISO900's and one girl has a Slim-10. For the CP version freaks, there is a MP100 CP. Haven't talked to the guy but he is an intermediate player. I've seen him play with the advanced players and does quite well. He is kind of like the student to the advanced players. He has learned the skills but hasn't mastered them yet. He mostly plays with a group of older men in their 30's and 40's. They are also intermediate level. So there you have it, my observations of L'am since I have been there. It is up to you if you want to go to Saturday or Sunday badminton at L'am. Saturday for pure competition and Sunday for the overall badminton experience of fun and competition. Saturdays from 8:00pm-11:00pm. Admission is $5.00. Highly recommend you go on Saturdays if you don't mind the snobby kids and pure competition. Sundays from 8:00am-2:00pm. Admission is $5.00. Highly recommend you go on Sundays for overall fun. Go around 9:00am to 10:00am to warm up and practice some shots before the courts(six to nine depending if there are golf lessons) get full around 10:30. The advanced and intermediate players start arriving from 9:00am right up till 11:00am. Hope to see everyone. :)
  9. joseph

    joseph Guest

    how good exactly are the saturday players? i've been there only once on sunday, and seems like the best players are about as good as high C or low B players. anyone here go on saturdays?

    last time i went(this summer), it was only 2$ on sunday! what happened??? 5$ now? a 250% inflation??

    who's going this sunday? i will go if i can menage to drag at least one of my university friends out of their exam studies... which i don't think i will succeed...
  10. Creative

    Creative Guest

    The Saturday players are pretty good. Unless you are a B or A player then you would not like it. Over the summer it was always $4. They increased the price by $1. I'm always there on Sunday. If you can beat Chris and Aaron then you are a A player. Come on out and see how you like it Joseph? :)
  11. Chris

    Chris Guest

    So, I heard there's going to be a demonstration game at Canadian-Chinese Badminton Association at 80E Centurion Dr. Markham this Saturday evening. Ardy Wiranta is going to be there too! I saw this at TV Channel 36! anyone going?
  12. Creative

    Creative Guest

    No need to go because all tickets are sold. Admission is $5 to see the exhibition game. There is about 250 people plus club members. It will be packed. :)
  13. Jc

    Jc Guest

    hey, I'm interested...
    Is this place open through the holidays?
    btw.. i'm a fairly new player... i just want to have some more practice... hope to see you people there... any way i can recognizee you people~?
  14. Wayne

    Wayne Guest

    I've been to L'am a few times over the summer. I mostly play at the Granite club in KW. But I'm visiting my folks here in TO over the holidays.

    I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms!!! If I don't play, I'll drop from a B to a C player!!! LOL So any info on places to play over the holidays ?

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