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What does your other half think about you playing/devoting time to badminton??

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by InvincibleAjay, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. InvincibleAjay

    InvincibleAjay Regular Member

    Aug 29, 2011
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    Badminton Coach
    United Kingdom
    Hi all,

    I just want to find out from those of you out there with a partner/wife/girlfriend (or the other way round if you are female), how do they feel about you playing badminton? Especially if badminton is a big part of your life and you spend a lot of time away due to your passion/commitment.

    Has it caused arguments?
    How do you maintain a work/life/play balance?
    Do they share your passion and play it too?

    The reason I ask is me and my wife actually met through playing badminton. Six years ago she came to a badminton club I used to play in with a mutual friend of mine. I obviously impressed her with my skills ;) and she opted to go out with me. We got married last year.

    I've always had a passion for the sport and played it during my teens and up until University. I then had to take a break to concentrate on my studies. After a 7 year lay off I decided to go back to the sport and have got more and more involved ever since. I love the sport and wanted to give something back to the community so that the next generation can enjoy the sport as I have.

    In the last 7 years:
    - I've become a member of the County Badminton Association.
    - I play league badminton regularly.
    - Became a member of the Coaches Assocation.
    - Became a Level 2 Badminton coach.
    - Setup up two junior badminton clubs affiliated with our senior club which I run.
    - Hold adult coaching sessions in the city.
    - Work in partnership with the local Council and Badminton England to promote the sport and get more people (especially ladies) playing the sport.

    As you can appreciate, being newly married, this at times can cause lets say discussions between me and my wife. She loves playing but that is as far as it goes with her. She understands my passion and commitment but it is often difficult for me to balance everything.

    Actually recently she has asked me to coach her, since she sees how well I do with the adults and juniors I coach. Probably also because it will be free for her :D I am happy that it is something we have in common and we play together at the same club.

    It would be great to hear others peoples stories.

    Kindest regards,


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