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What is a flick serve?

Discussion in 'Techniques / Training' started by Question..., Nov 8, 2001.

  1. Question...

    Question... Guest

    As the title says: What is a flick serve? Ive heard it many times, and just want to know how it is performed and whether it is mainly for singles or doubles.

  2. Erik

    Erik Guest

    I think a flick service can work both for doubles and singles.
    A flick service is excecuted with an accelarated movement of
    the wrist just before the shuttle is hit. The shuttle will
    leave the racket at a higher speed than the service movement
    would suggest and therefore could surprise the receiver.
    It is mainly used in doubles.

  3. SystemicAnomaly

    SystemicAnomaly Regular Member

    Sep 21, 2004
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    Santa Clara, CA
    The flick serve can be very effective in doubles if not overused. The serve should be disguised to look just like the short serve but as the racket approaches the shuttle it is suddenly accelerated so that the shuttle quickly travels over the head of the receiver. The racket should start its foward motion slowly as you would for the short serve but then the cocked wrist is accelerated and the forarm is quickly rotated midway thru the forward motion of the racket to hit the bird faster as well as higher & deeper. The flick should not be confused with a drive serve which is often (if not always) executed illegally.

    The flick should go deep into the doubles service court. It should be high enuff to get over the head of an aggressive receiver but not so high that it give the receiver ample time to get back to play it. It is effectively used against a receiver than has taken an aggressive stance close to the net. If the receiver has been adopting such as stance to intimidate you or to pounce on your short serves, the flick serve could be the tool to get him/her to back off a bit. Against a strong/fast player the flick is somewhat of a gamble. Against a slower/weaker opponent the flick can be a winner much of the time. If the slower player assumes a deeper stance to contend with the flick, then your short serve can become more effective with less pressure.

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