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Which Isometric Ti Swing Power to buy?

Discussion in 'Racket Recommendation / Comparison' started by Nismo, Nov 25, 2001.

  1. Nismo

    Nismo Guest

    I'm planning to buy an Isometric Ti Swing Power, but I can't really make up my mind on which one to buy. I'm leaning towards the SX, but I don't know which one is the better one. Could someone please help me out here? And, could I some recommendations of which strings and tension I should string the racquet at? Thanx!
  2. Tuan

    Tuan Guest

    I currently use a Ti-SX and I personally love it! But you need to tell us what type of player you are... are you a singles, doubles, smasher, placement player, etc... The reason there are four types of racquets in the Swing Power series is to match your particular style of play. I'm mostly a singles player who smashes and drives most of the time which is why I like the SX, it gives great power with little effort.
  3. Nismo

    Nismo Guest

    Well, I play a bit of both, but I think doubles is my strong point, at least it's the one I play the most. I don't really play much singles, unless it's a match or something. We have a shortage of courts in our gym, so we're forced to play doubles.
  4. Tuan

    Tuan Guest

    I'd suggest getting the SR then. The SX and SS are both 87g while the SR and SA are 81g in weight. Meaning it would be much easier to manuever with the SR then the SX. The SX is for hard hitting singles play so I wouldn't suggest that racquet at all if you play mostly doubles.
  5. Harry

    Harry Guest

    I own a SX and a SS, both of which are okay for singles, I also use the SS for doubles. The SX is just too head heavy for doubles, it really slows you down in quick point-blank exchanges at the net. Actually, I don't use my SX much at all, as I have a Ti-10 and a Ti-8, both of which have extra stiff shafts and are probably better overall for singles than the SX.

    About three quarters of the doubles players at my club use the SA, it is by far the single most popular racket, even though it is a bit fragile. I've seen so many break, even fairly new ones, although Yonex have been pretty good about replacing ones which were less than three months old or so. One poor guy broke his in less than two weeks, and he didn't even clash it, he just hit a clear and the side caved in. They all go to big Yonex dealers for their rackets so I'm sure they're not counterfeit. The SA have light heads and the extra flex means you get a lot power on flick returns of smashes plus good control for drop shots, but I've tried it on lots of occasions, and if you rely heavily on the smash, you will not like it. It feels like there's nothing on the end of the shaft and you get little power on smashes.

    I don't know anyone who uses the SR, and I've never actually tried one, but I guess it's a compromise between the SS and SR.

    The best advice is to try before you buy if you possibly can. Similar rackets can feel so different if they have slight variations in weight, grip size, or flex, it's just not worth spending that much money until you're sure.
  6. I have an SS and i think U should Buy the Iso 900 SR if u want to play doubles. I think The ISo 900 SR is stiffer than the Ti SP SR and if u try to get a G5 version it is way better.

    According to Yonex The Most head heavy racket as per Balance Point is SR. So u get a great racket at 81Gms, Head heavy, Stiff, Great at control.

    So what more would u require for DOUBLES!
  7. Nismo

    Nismo Guest

    Are there any other racquets/strings/tensions you would recommend?
  8. jasonin

    jasonin Regular Member

    Nov 24, 2011
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    halifax, ns, canada
    r u willing to sell your ti swing power? do you know anybody wants to sell their's/

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