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Who is the "Greatest Player of ALL Time"?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Loh, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Loh

    Loh Regular Member

    Oct 9, 2002
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    This topic arises from debates and discussions on the just concluded KOR GP Gold.

    While it is not possible nor productive to judge who is the "best player of all time" because the champion players belong to a different era with no chance to meet at their prime to determine who is better, we have records to indicate how great they were.

    In the past when there were no World Championships and badminton was not admitted to the Olympics yet, the All-England was the only yardstick as the "unofficial world championships" as it was open to players from all over the world after WWII. On record Prakesh Nath (IND) was runner-up to Conny Jepsen(SWE) in 1947. It used to be a "closed-door" affair restricted to players from Europe and America, countries which have a close relationship with England.

    Unfortunately, because of politics, China did not participate then and we missed the opportunity of watching Tang XF and his teammates in action. Luan Jin, who is now chief coach of Singapore, was the first Chinese who won the title in 1983 and was followed later by Zhao Jianhua (1985), Yang Yang (1989) and others. China seemed to dominate from 2004 when Lin Dan won his first title, but Lee Chong Wei broke the spell when he gatecrashed in 2010 and this year.

    Here is the list of the most impressive winners and the number of times they won the MS title:

    And the following won at least 4 times, with the year of their first victory as indicated:

    8 - Rudy Hartono (INA) 1968 (7 successive times from 1968-74 and 1976)
    7 - Erland Kops (DEN) 1958
    6 - Frank Devlin (IRE) 1925
    5 - Ralph Nichols (ENG) 1932
    4 - George Alan Thomas (ENG) 1920 (The Thomas Cup was named after him)
    4 - Wong Peng Soon (MAS) 1952 (WPS resided in SIN which was then part of Malaya)
    4 - Eddy Choong (MAS) 1953
    4 - Morton Frost (DEN) 1982
    4 - Lin Dan (CHN) 2004

    So who is the greatest? From the above, it is Rudy Hartono who won the most. But it is history. A moot point really. But it is refreshing to look at the records once a while. :)
  2. cobalt

    cobalt Moderator

    Aug 7, 2010
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    Hmmm! :D Why the sexual discrimination? :D:D:D

    In addition, I'd think there are many other factors/variables to consider as well. Such as the type of play that dictates the development of certain skills or physical imperatives over others. Singles v/s doubles and the unique requirements for Mixed Doubles.

    I think we could try to logically use parameters and markers to define ultimate greatness, but would fail to come to any consensus. Far better to just acknowledge the pantheon of giants of the game, and thank our stars that we live in an age where we can watch the greatest matches, (mostly free!) of our time and times gone by. So much to smile for and to wonder at...

    That's good enough for me. :):):)
  3. twobeer

    twobeer Regular Member

    Dec 5, 2003
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    It is of course tempting to be nostalgic and remember the great champs at the "god ol days" ?? But if we try too look at things objectively, the amount of training, the planing, nutrion, tacticts and fitness and strength level of todays top level athlets has progressed (just as everything else progresses) far today, and from a pure athletic performance perspective LD and LCW would wipe the flor with the old masters mentioned!!

    I am sure if you look at the time these masters started their career, and their training schedule and tournamentscedule etc. You will find that the top players of todya work much harder/proffesional, due to the stiffened competition and progression in overall speed, agility, tactics, strenght and stamina of all competitors.
  4. mani60

    mani60 Regular Member

    Dec 27, 2011
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    I think Lin Dan has a great timing of play, I have seen him while playing. He knows the tactics of game. He is very strong and fast player I have seen ever.

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