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Wilson [K]ontrol Grip review

Discussion in 'Grip' started by gavinloh, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. gavinloh

    gavinloh Regular Member

    Oct 17, 2009
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    This is my favourite grip for my Yonex Nanospeed 9900. The colour is a perfect match as it utilized a black and orange colour scheme which is similiar like NS9900.

    Durability: 9/10
    Absorbness: 6/10
    Tackiness: 9/10
    Colour/Appearance: 10/10
    Comfort: 8/10
    Price: 4/10

    Backgound about me:
    Amateur player that is undergoing some training, and thus played 3 times per week. Grip is crucial to me and I have tried many various grip such as Karakal, Wilson, LCW, Ashway and etc. Btw, my hand is not sweaty type.

    Play Time:
    With this grip, I am more comfortable to smash harder as I know the tackiness is there. Control feel good as well as this is replacement grip. I remove the ori grip and places celefon tape on top of the wood handle prior putting the grip. It makes it easier to be replaced in future as I changed quite often.

    I tried other Wilson grip (except Hybrid) but feel this is better. The colour is just superb and feelin great whenever I hold my racquet. I ended up buying 3x spares and price is the highest among all grips.

    Not suitable for sweaty guy. Suitable for hard smasher while maintaining control.
  2. urameatball

    urameatball Regular Member

    Jul 24, 2010
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    Drill-Sergeant Troll-Face
    Good review.
    I'm a big fan of all wilson grips. I find it works well for people who don't have sweaty hands. Extremely durable, tackiness is just right, and comfort level is on par with most leading brands.

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