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FS: Yonex and Li-Ning Rackets for clearance (SG)

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell - Read the rules sticky before you post' started by Desouled, Aug 11, 2014.

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  1. Desouled

    Desouled Regular Member

    Apr 2, 2011
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    Hey guys, I've not been playing as much now, so I thought I'd let these rackets go to owners who can give them more court time.Bought the rackets for reviews on my blog, and seldom used.

    Condition undamaged, all strung, with original grip removed unless otherwise stated.

    I think they are very reasonable prices, so here're some conditions.

    1. Nett price, but if you buy more than 1 racket then we can talk
    2. I won't send pictures, go google
    3. We'll meet up in Sembawang during weekends / after work
    4. I don't remember the string or tension
    5. You will excuse me if I refer you back to the forum to read the above rules again

    With that, please SMS me with your orders. First come-first served.


    Yonex Rackets
    - Voltric 80 PG 4UG5 @ $130

    Li Ning Rackets
    - N90II @ $130
    - N90III @ $180
    - N50 (9/10; cone paint peel) @ $110
    - N55II (9/10; clash chip) @ $120
    - N9 @ $180
Thread Status:
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