2010 French Open - Final Day - November 7th

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    - Joachim Persson is the surprise player in the French Open; probably took advantage of a less than 100% PG.
    - The Thai pair of Sudket & Saralee finally won a tourney, i believe this is their first one in quite a while and their first SS title. Talk about getting out of a long title-less rut..
    ..realistically, that can only happen if LCW, LD and other top 10 MS skip or lose in early rounds of the tourneys they're participating in. But then again, starting next May, you know it's the start of the OG qualification period and you probably can guess what is TH's chances..:eek:
    ..we shall wait and see if WTH is really back in the following tourneys after the AG and continuing til next yr with the rest of her teammates and other top players participating..
    :p..hey, at least you can take comfort: none of the French Open threads have less than 4 pages. As a matter of fact, this yr's Denmark Open QF Rd. thread only has 3 pages..
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