FS/FT: AT900P 4UG5

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    Condition 9.8/10 (one small scratch on frame, one paint peel on cone, original grip removed)

    Used by former World number 1 and 2-time Olympic silver medalist Lee Chong Wei.
    Racket is stiff and head heavy, packing a punch in smashes.
    Classic racket recommended for both singles and doubles players especially if you're looking for a stronger smash Racket is authentic with Sunrise Click holographic stamp.

    Selling as racket is too stiff and head heavy for my wrist to handle.

    Priced at $160 or Willing to trade with bs12 3u :)

    Note: Does not include orange cloth bag as shown in pictures

    armortec_900_power_red_4ug5_1456139426_1cc6b3b0.jpg armortec_900_power_red_4ug5_1456139427_f7e4aea1.jpg armortec_900_power_red_4ug5_1456237543_ac3c8731.jpg armortec_900_power_red_4ug5_1456139427_7cfeb2a8.jpg

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