Auraspeed 77f, 70f, HS comparisons

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    I have the Auraspeed 90k 4u (old version), and Auraspeed 70k 3u (old version), they have around 4/5 stiffness, but for days when I'm tired or have shoulder pain, I'm looking for a new racket that plays like these two except with a flexible shaft of around 3/5

    I'm currently looking at

    -Auraspeed 77f 4U

    -Auraspeed 70f 3u (old version)

    -Auraspeed HS 4u

    -Bravesword 12 blue 4u

    For those who tried these rackets, can anyone tell me which of the 4 are suitable for my needs and which are not? I'm most concerned about the feel (want something with unmuted feedback like the 70k), with a wide sweetspot (around the size of the typical Auraspeed), and good repulsion (around the repulsion of typical Auraspeeds).

    Thanks in advance
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    Feedback is quite a personal thing, but I would lower HS because of freecore and possibly BS12 because of the sword frame. Always felt BS12 feedback was quite poor, BS12 SE felt a lot better.

    I've not tried 70K, but 90K ii is technically a slightly easier version of 90K. It has freecore so you are going to trade some of that feedback for ease of use.

    If you not done so, I would also recommend trying freecore for yourself. For injuries it's a blessing but some people do not like the feedback.

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