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    Hi, as the group's name implies, this group is solely for practising badminton drills/ strokes, with some quick games in between if time permits in each session. We welcome LOW TO HIGH BEGINNERS badminton players who are keen to do badminton various drills in a small group but not to the extend of going through formal training lessons. Please note that we are not coaches but having played badminton for years, we are passionate about this sport. We hope that through facilitating drills, players can improve not only on their fitness but also on some specific skills. We will be conducting random drills such as but not limited to base-to-base strokes, smashing, net play, drop shots etc depending on players' levels. Location wise, it will be dependent on the availability of the courts and for a start we will mostly be in and around North-Eastern Singapore. Its important to build a good foundation so that you will be able to play and enjoy badminton games better. Let's learn from each other! :)

    For Details, check us out on :

    Our upcoming sessions :

    (1) Low Beginners' Drills 10 Sept (Sat) Bishan Sports Hall
    (2) Mid Beginners' Drills 11 Sept (Sun) Bishan Sports Hall
    (3) High Beginners' Drills 14 Sep (Wed) Bishan Sports Hall
    (4) Low Beginners' Drills 16 Sep (Fri) Bishan Sports Hall
    (5) Low-Mid Beginners' Drills 17 Sep (Sat) Bishan Sports Hall
    (6) High Beginners Drills 18 Sep (Sun) Bishan Sports Hall
    (7) Mid-High Beginners Drills 19 Sep (Mon) Gongshang Pri Sch (Tampines)

    See you around!

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