cai yun disgrace

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    i was sitting between court one and two. i was facing cai yun when he lost his temper. the funniest thing happened when he threw his racket. it fling up in the air like, 20m high up, everyone was watching the racket nervously, all mouth agape, in shock. it does a few summersault and landed right into a hand of an Englishman that sat on the first row (i assume he is english since he is a Caucasian and he wasn’t sitting among the denmark fan).

    And I don’t mean it landed clumsily. He caught it dead on the racket handle with little effort. And he was smiling from ear to ear, proudly brandishing his lucky prize top of the range LI NING racket, literally fell from the sky onto his hand.
    what a lucky man. that was followed by thunderous clapping and hysterical laughter from the crowd, all aimed at that lucky man. everyone, i included were green with envy. i don't think the crowd cared much about the bag kicking scene to be honest. I think people will look back and laugh about this rather than gripe about cai yun unsportmanship. He had a bad day but he showed passion in his game. it made the game a little more interesting and we all had a bit of a laugh in the end.

    I think it just made me love badminton a little more J

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