Carlton Airblade Elite 2005 mini review

Discussion in 'Badminton Rackets / Equipment' started by Marcus Fong, Nov 8, 2005.

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    Just got a new AirBlade Elite yesterday. Played 2 doubles games with it.

    Specs: 84g, Head-Heavy, Oval Shape, Standard-Length, Flexible
    Strings: BG65 26lbs

    Need more games to get use to this racket since I've been using the head-lite AB superlite and AB Kevlar Hi-Tension. The racket is quite head-heavy for it's overall weight of 84g which caught me by suprise. But due to its excellent aerodinamic profile, its easy to swing and manuevarability is good. Compared to my other Airblades, it's a more powerful racket. My drives and half-court smashes were noticably faster but I need more games to get my timing right to execute smashes from the backcourt. I also previously owned a 3U NS7000 which broke after a racket clash :crying: and the Elite is lighter but slightly head-heavier and less stiff. Probably a good replacement for the NS7K.

    Overall, a great racket and IMHO it's good for both doubles and singles.

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