Colin has redeemed himself

Discussion in 'Commonwealth Games 2002' started by wl2172, Jul 30, 2002.

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    Today saw Colin playing much better in terms of quality and attitude. His style was very good, dropshots were very sharp to set up his smashes and crosscourt drives were also impressive. He kept his game plan simple, whereas his opponent was more interested in showmanship-style shots. Ronald Susilo cannot be considered a world-class player as he doesn't have the extra in him to be among the elite. I cannot see him performing consistently against top players like Chen Hong, Lin Dan or Wong Choong Hann. Instead, Colin Haughton produced a stunning performance to conquer Susilo, he was the world class player tonight. The interesting thing is that these two players are drawn to meet each other again in the individual event. However, Ronald has to get past Richard Vaughan first. It is there that Ronald can prove me wrong by beating Colin. That would probably earn him a semifinal with Lee Tsuen Seng.

    This finals have proven that the seedings were in fact a farce and a joke(England beat Sing 3-0). The true finals should have been between England and Malaysia. In fact, looking back at the mixed team event, England's toughest customer was Malaysia, and vice versa(England beat Malaysia 3-2). However, having said that, I still believe that no matter the seedings, England would still have most probably won the Gold. It just seems that Malaysia, the "unofficial" second seeds, seemed to have been robbed of a medal, and the spectators robbed of a fantastic and nail biting final that will certainly go down till the fifth and final tie.

    Anyway, congratulations both to England.
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    in his interview he said he went out to enjoy and that he had been feeling the pressure over the last few days. All is forgiven.
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    "mental toughness training for sports" is an awsome book

    the best thing that i got from the book was that people who have fun play closer to their best than people who get pissed and distracted rather than play *in the moment* mentally

    if you get caught up on what happend in teh last piont for example.. that frustration WILL carry into how you play in the current point.

    the KEY to the whole philosophy is that

    - its not that your having fun becuase your playing better

    - its Your playing better *becuase* your having fun!

    there really was alot more too the book than just that, but thats one of the things that makes the book stand out.

    you gotta enjoy the situation and focus on the moment ...or else its just a bunch of stress

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