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    DeYang - Bei jing
    The Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI) has confirmed that its annual grand prix event, the Djarum Indonesia Open Badminton Championships 2006 will be held in Jakarta from 29th May to 4th June.

    The 7-day, 6-star tournament of men’s & women's singles and doubles and the mixed event will carry total prize money of US$250,000. Mohan Dharan of Singapore will officiate as the tournament referee, to be assisted by Juniarto Suhadinata & Unang Surkarja, both from Indonesia.


    Organizer : Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI).

    Mailing Address : For further information on any matter not mentioned
    in this publication, please contact :

    Badminton Association of Indonesia

    1. Wisma Karsa Pemuda 2nd floor
    Jl Gerbang Pemuda No. 3 Senayan
    Jakarta Pusat 10270 – Indonesia
    Phone : (62-21) 57951721 – 23
    Fax : (62-21) 57951689
    E-mail :

    D a t e : 29th May – 04th June, 2006

    V e n u e : Djarum Indonesia Open Badminton Championships, will be

    held in :
    - CLS HALL, Jl. Kertajaya Indah Timur Surabaya.
    - BADMINTON HALL SOEDIRMAN, Jl. Kertajaya Indah Timur No. 8 Surabaya
    - Qualifying Round, May 29th – 30th, 2006) in Badminton Hall Soedirman, Jl Kertajaya Indah Timur No. 8 Surabaya.

    The Championship is : - Sanctioned by the International Badminton Federation (IBF).
    - Organized under the direction of Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI).
    - Part of World Grand Prix Series that holds consistently 6 (six) Stars Category.

    Prize Money : US$ 250.000

    E v e n t s & Size Draw : - Men’s Singles , 64 in Main Draw
    - Women’s Singles , 32 in Main Draw
    - Men’s Doubles , 48 in Main Draw
    - Women’s Doubles , 32 in Main Draw
    - Mixed Doubles , 32 in Main Draw

    Schedule Of Play : May 29th – 30th 2006, Qualifying Rounds
    May 31st – June 1st 2006, Preliminary Rounds
    June 2nd 2006, Quarter Finals
    June 3rd 2006, All SEMI FINALS Matches
    June 4th 2006, All FINALS Matches

    E n t r i e s : Entries are to be submitted to the Organizing Committee, see mailing address, not later than May, 01st, 2006 at 4.00 p.m local time.

    Seedings and Draw : Seedings and draw will be conducted by IBF.

    Penalty for Withdrawal : Withdrawals by players will be handled under the provisions for the World Grand Prix Regulations-PENALTY FOR WITHDRAWAL.

    Scoring System : The Indonesia Open will be played on a Rally Point 3 x 21 scoring system for all events.

    Notice : - All events will be run on a strict timetable system.
    - Competitors must be ready to play thirty minutes before their scheduled time.
    - Players not ready to play at the scheduled time will be disqualified.
    - Alterations to the competition schedule due to Television coverage is possible and will be announced by the Referee.

    C l o t h i n g : Advertising on clothing should be in conformity with the existing official regulation. The acceptability of clothing and commercial advertising on clothing worn by players will be discretion of the Referee.

    Transportation : - Will be provided from Juanda International Airport to Hotel upon request.
    - Shuttle service will be provided between the official hotel and arena during competition days.

    Practice : Practice sessions for players can be arranged upon request and will be held at the :
    - Soedirman Sport Hall, Jl. Kertajaya Indah Timur No. 8 Surabaya East Java Indonesia

    Drug Control : Random drug testing will be carried out throughout the Championships.

    Referee : Mr. Mohan Dharan (Singapore)

    Deputy Referee : 1. Mr. Juniarto Suhandinata (Indonesia)
    2. Mr. Unang Sukardja (Indonesia)

    Official Hotel : Hyatt Regency Hotel, Jl. Jend. Basuki Rachmat 106 – 128 Surabaya 60271 Indonesia.
    Telp. (62-31) 5311234
    Fax. (62-31) 5321508

    Reservations : All room reservations must be submitted not later than May 01st 2006 to the PBSI on the prescribed form.

    Room rates : Rp. 500.000,- nett per night (Single/Doubles) including breakfast and tax.

    Team Manager’s Meeting : Team Manager’s meeting will tentatively be held at 2.00 p.m. on May 30th 2006 at the Gadjah Mada Room Hyatt Regency Hotel Surabaya
    There will be a Press Conference after the meeting.

    Official Shuttlecocks : ”YONEX” Shuttlecocks that has been approved by the International Badminton Federation (IBF), will be used exclusively.
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    Mixed up information..

    ..seawell, the information given is mixed up. It mentioned at the top that it will be held in Jakarta, but at the bottom it says it will be held in Surabaya...:rolleyes: :confused: :p

    The correct location is Surabaya..:)

    BTW, does anyone know who will be participating, since it mentioned the deadline was May 1st??..Any top players coming to play??..:rolleyes:
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