Does Yonex consider loosen cone racket as their manufacturer's fault?

Discussion in 'Broken Rackets' started by cautionbadmintonplayer, Jun 11, 2022.

  1. cautionbadmintonplayer

    Jun 11, 2022
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    Hi all,
    I just bought a new racket and it makes a clicking or ticking noise from the cone when I swing especially when I hold it like a knife.

    Actually, I have done some research on that and most of the answer is the noise comes from the loosen cones. I found that many posts suggest claiming a warranty.

    Anyhow, I have not found any post telling their story after that. Did they get a new racket? Did Yonex reject this claim? So, I just want to know that do Yonex normally consider this loosen cones as the manufacturer's fault and their claim got approve? I just what to hear it from someone so that I feel confident to make a claim.

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