FS: (EU) 3 used Yonex Duora Z Strike

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    Because I switched to another racket I'm selling my 3 used Yonex Duora Z Strikes.

    2 from the Netherlands, one SP coded, all 3UG4. All are about two years old, have a few small paint chips, used, but well cared for, includes the racket bag. Strung with Gosen GT5 at 12.5 kg, but can be freshly strung with BG65/80/GT5 if so desired. Be aware these are very stiff rackets.

    Asking for 125 euros per racket without shipping, or we can make a deal for all three.

    I have a couple new packs Yonex DZS replacement grommets (including grommet strips for the top!) and one with two or so grommets taken taken out. (15 euros new, selling for 10, 7.5 for the opened one)

    location: netherlands, EU only (So hurry up, brits! :p)

    photos here because its too large to upload:

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