Hand size and grip?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Rodalan, Oct 14, 2017.

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    I'm wondering if anyone has seen any resource related to hand size and the size of the grip? I know tennis has a lot of this but is it comfort or an amount of space between palm and fingers?

    Ignoring G2,3,4 simply in relation to overgrips. There is obviously a need to tighten on shot play but I see alot of pros with small and some ex with paper thin

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    Probably easiest to compare with G4/G5 as they are the most common grip sizes.

    Typically Asians have smaller hands which is why G5 is the most common grip size over there. The base grip is often removed and then a towel grip or overgrip are applied directly on the wood to result in quite a thin grip.

    Europeans have a standard G4 grip size sold in stores, no idea about Americas, and again the base grip is removed and replaced with towel/overgrips.

    There should be a gap between your fingers and palm. This is to allow finger tightening and also to allow you to change the angle of the racquet face by rolling your fingers.

    However, many club level players hold it too low in their palm and grip too tightly with a thinner grip, which can result in tennis elbow/tendonitis. A simple fix is to get a larger grip, which limits the tightening your fingers can do and stops vibrations going into your arm. Not ideal obviously as it's a result of bad technique, but they are club players for a reason.
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