Indonesia sending another Taufiq to the ABC

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    KUALA LUMPUR: In a surprise move, Indonesia will field an array of new faces in the men’s singles competition of the Asian Badminton Championships (ABC) from April 20-25 at the Kuala Lumpur Badminton Stadium.

    The ABC is the last tournament offering Olympic qualifying points.

    The Athens Olympic Games qualifiers will be finalised after the April 30 deadline.

    The Indonesian men’s singles squad will led be world No 249 Taufiq Akbar Hidayat, namesake of top player Taufik Hidayat.

    The others include Andre Kurniawan (336), Irawan Agung (370) and two other newcomers - Ari Yuli Wahyu and Markus Wijanu.

    Their top four players - Sony Dwi Kuncoro (13), Taufik (23), Simon Santoso (64) and Wiempie Mahardi (88) - will not be making the trip.

    They are expected to stay at home and prepare for the Thomas Cup Finals from May 7-16 in Jakarta.

    Their men’s doubles squad, however, comprises a mix of old and new hands.

    Luluk Hadiyanto-Alven Yulianto, the Korean Open champions, will spearhead the cast.

    The other season campaigners are Sigit Budiarto-Trikus Hariyanto, Candra Wijaya-Halim Hariyanto, Markis Kido-Hendra Setiawan.

    Indonesia’s newcomers are Joko Riyadi-Hendra Aprida Gunawan.

    Meanwhile, India and Iraq have also confirmed their participation in the ABC tournament.


    Men’s singles: Taufiq Akbar Hidayat, Andre Kurniawan, Irawan Agung, Ari Yuli Wahyu, Markus Wijanu

    Men’s doubles: Luluk Hadiyanto-Alven Yulianto, Sigit Budiarto-Trikus Hariyanto, Candra Wijaya-Halim Hariyanto, Markis Kido-Hendra Setiawan, Joko Riyadi-Hendra Aprida Gunawan

    Women’s singles: Maria Kristin, Selvi Antarini, Fransiska Ratnasari H, Siti Mahiroh

    Women’s doubles: Eny Erlangga-Lilyana Natsir, Greysia Poli-Heni Budiman, Rani Mundiasti-Endang Nur Sugianti

    Mixed doubles: Nova Widianto-Vita Marissa, Anggun Nugroho-Eny Widyowati, Devin Lahardi-Yunita Tetty, Tition Gustaman-Lelyana Daisy Chan

    n INDIA

    Men’s singles: Abhin Shyam Gupta, Nikhil Kanetkar, Chetan Anand, Utsav Mishra, J.B.S. Viyadhar

    Men’s doubles: Markose Bristow-Rupesh Kumar, J.B.S. Vidyadhar-Jaseel Ismail

    Women’s singles: Aparna Popat, Trupti Murgunde

    n IRAQ

    Men’s singles: Wisam Salah, Saleh Mehdi, Samer Salah, Faisal Abud Maher

    Men’s doubles: Wisam Salah-Saleh Mehdi, Samer Salah-Faisal Abud Maher

    Women’s singles: Etihad Kamel, Entethar Jumea Muba.


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