Is the Australian Badminton Open more about gambling than it is about badminton?

Discussion in 'Indonesia / Australia Open 2014' started by Maklike Tier, Jun 25, 2014.

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    You think they can pick and choose who should broadcast it? They are probably lucky enough Foxtel picked it up in the first place; I mean the All England is stuck on Sky channel 'x' where hardly anyone can see it, French Open is on another subscription channel and only the finals iirc. German Open ... "tv? :D"I
    Isn't even the Malaysian Open stuck on Astro which also requires a subscription and only a minority have it. Same for Japan Open (and probably Korean Open if at all ...)
    Many broadcasters wouldn't even pick it up if it was offered for free ...

    Where did you go on holiday to get stuck in a country where the stream was also blocked?
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    Nah I'm going to the US for a month, which means forgoing any other trips that require hotels and aeroplanes in the interim. Budgets only stretch so far.

    It's just such a short-sighted, amateurish, ridiculous situation it makes me really angry.

    It seems to me that the whole tournament was just set up just to get wealthy Asian gamblers to come to Sydney. They don't seem to give two $hits about supporting local badminton business or culture. It's like some genius thought "Hey, what do Asians like? I know, they like badminton and they like to gamble. I know! Let's get Star casino and NSW tourism together and vy for the BWF superseries!"

    And that's pretty much where the intelligent long term forecasting ended.

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