Japan Open Preliminary Rounds

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    The first and second rounds are played today, they promise some exciting MS matches, it's a let down for not getting the livescore.

    1st round:
    Shoji Sato( Jpn) vs TS Lee ( Mas) - Chance for Lee to show his worth, but it's not easy to get past the home favourite. Prediction: Lee battles through.
    Bao Chun Lai ( Chn) vs Gong WJ ( Chn)- Chinese Senior vs Junior, Prediction: Bao goes through.
    Chen Jin ( Chn) vs Boonsak ( Tha)- Chen Jin is hungry for a breakthrough , so Boonsak, the seasoned player whose performance has declined after the Olympics may have a tough time. Prediction:Chen Jin has the egde.

    2nd round:
    Lin Dan (Chn) vs Aamir Ghaffar ( Eng)- Lin Dan should not underestimate his opponent, Aamir Ghaffar is able to create upset. (beating Bao in All England 2004) Prediction: Lin Dan is obviuosly stronger.
    Lee Chong Wei (Mas) vs Ronald Susilo (Sin)- This is the match of the day, the two players have not played each other before. Susilo will go all out to defend his title but Lee has the upper hand considering his more consistent play and recent semi-final finish in All England. Prediction: Lee Chong Wei pulls through in three sets.
    Chen Yu ( Chn) ( If he beats Kendrick Lee (Sin) in the first round) vs Chen Jin ( Chn)/ (If he beats (Boonsak ( Tha) )in the first round.
    Prediction: Chen Jin ( Chn) will advance with his better and more mature play.
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    Good analysis/predictions above....

    One of yours are already correct, Lee TS has beaten the home town favourite ;)

    Kendrick already lost.

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