Lack of Male Double players for MD and XD

Discussion in 'China Professional Players' started by zhuangcorp, Oct 26, 2012.

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    Why does it seem like China has a lack of quality male double players?

    For example, in XD, they have so many amazing women players: Ma Jin, Zhao Yunlei, Bao Yixin, Yu Yang, Tang Jinhua.
    Yet for the men, they pretty much only have Zhang Nan who is quality. Xu Chen is good, but not really great. Their other players just are not elite like He Hanbin.

    In MD, they only have Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng who are retiring soon most likely. They have players like Guozhendong, who is not that great. Hong Wei, Shen Ye, Qiuzihan, Liu xiaolong don't seem like they will ever be elite players.

    So why is it that Chinese male double players just aren't as good?

    Is it because all the talented males choose to play singles instead? Is it because of lack of good coaching? Is it because China doesn't understand the MD tactics and strategy well enough?
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    It is true that the talented males choose to play singles instead, but it is not the explanation because, that is also true and happen to other countries. In Thailand, I have heard from the Thai pair, Bodin and Maneepong interview, they said that the chose to switch to double players because the can not see future in playing single because they are as not as good as other players in single. This means of fact of self selection that single player normally come first and then double come later.

    The lack of good male double player for CHN derive from the country characteristic.

    CHN is better in individual sports than team sport. In team sport, they need fighting spirit attitude, persistent and mental strength. CHN also good in sport that require only hard training or skill but not in creativity, tactics, mental.

    I recall in the past, several times the CHN badminton player point finger to each other when they play together, they are easily to upset with their partner mistake. They lack of mind to understand each other and play a good team tactic. They are not cheering each other that much. The only player that I admire of having good team spirit is Cai Yun and ZHang Nan. Cay Yun is very mature and have a leader characteristic, not blame partner and seem to cheer up the partner, while Zhang Nan is a good guy who always give a hand to his partner. These two players are exceptional from other CHN players.

    I bet we can see a world class CHN swimmer in the next ten years, but not even all time top in Asia in men volleyball, football, baseball, handball. They will be inferior to JAP and KOR in the men team sports which require more team work and fighting spirit. I hope they can improve in working as a team in future.

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