Li-Ning 90ll TD AYPM324

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    Hi folks

    It's time to fill in some new rackets in the baddy bag after several in-fights, and I got an eye on this Li-Ning 9ll TD, in the local store, it looks great ( I really like the paint-job :) and the racket feels great in the hand as well,, question>> does anyone on B-C use it as daily driver, and how does it perform, and is the racket worthy a 90 USD bill included BG-80 strings ?


    Never-mind, bought a N-36 Airstream on promo for 75 USD including a nice flannel string pouch
    Strung it with LN 1 ,, nice crisp smash and drive sound, more vibration damped than I'm normally used too, but overall it seems to be a very nice racket.
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