Li Ning No. 1 String - Anyone using it?

Discussion in 'Badminton String' started by Charlie-SWUK, Aug 20, 2015.

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    Thanks for that advice! It is true that they feel completely different.

    I tried LN1 in the past already (1 String) but I think I tested it on the wrong racket, of the wrong weight, at the wrong tension, with the wrong grip, with the wrong shuttle quality and with the wrong skill level.

    I tested it on a 4U Forza Supreme, strung at 24x26lbs, with the extremely bad stock grip, with older (/used) training shuttles at a time when I was not the best at consistently hitting the sweetspot.

    I would now have it on ZFIIs, strung at maybe 29lbs, using excellent towel grip and decent shuttles. I've been used to playing well with the same racket and NBG99 strung around 32lbs. Though that string is way more forgiving than LN1, I've gotten more used to consistently producing well-centered shots (I'm still not perfect and I misshit often enough, but nowhere near as much as before).

    My impressions from LN1 at the time were mostly negative:

    -Great repulsion when hit well (very pleasant to do back to back clears with)
    -Extremely unforgiving
    -Very bad control
    -Annoyingly "slippery" stringbed
    -Stringbed felt too hard

    Going from that to a mere ZFII + NBG99 at 27.5 lbs felt like heaven, even though I was using the same old shuttles and stock grip on it at first.

    I'm psychologically self-unforgiving when it comes to making the wrong choices, or wasting time, which is why I'd like to get as much feedback as possible and accounts of the experience of long term users before making the jump (I'm not interested in "exploring", only in constant improvement). Starting with a lot of bad choices I've been lucky with badminton that nearly every change I've made so far has been beneficial compared to the previous state of things, but I would feel bad if I committed time too lightly and made a mistake I could have avoided.

    Every 4-5 months I make a big badminton order with a bunch of stuff, which is why I'd order a LN1 reel in white if I felt certain enough (that's how I went with NBG99 and I never regretted that choice). Buying individual LN1 strings just to try them out means I'd either have to order quite a few of them for up to 5 months, and waste money that could buy me a tube of AS50, or order an insufficient amount and have to wait several months until moving on to it. It's doable but avoidable.
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    Back at the end of 2017 I had issues with a reel of yellow BG80 snapping prematurely (1st week of use, often first session). It was very strange as it was my second reel of bg80 yellow, and nothing in my stringing setup had changed. The first reel performed reasonably well (strings lasted 2-4 weeks at 27 lbs). Lowering the tension from 27 to 25 and to 24 did nothing to change the lack of durability. Since then I ordered a reel of BG80 ivory which has been problem free and I use it in a hybrid pattern with G-Tone 5 as cross. It's hard to say definitively without larger data pool, but I remain convinced that the suspect reel was brittle resulting in premature breaks.
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    My experience:
    I made similar experiences with the first strokes. Feels harder than BG66UM and definitely very unforgiving. After a few hours, the LN1 is perfect and stays perfect!

    0 - 5 hours = 66UM is better
    5 - 10 hours = 66UM is slightly better
    10 - x hours = LN1 gets better and better compared to 66UM

    I wouldn't play an important game with a fresh LN1 string!
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    After hearing how much people rave about this string i had to try it. I am a BIG fan of BG 80 and although i don't expect it to have the same feeling or control i expect to be close to 66 UM. I strung it at 28 lbs and my earlier setup was BG 80 at 27 lbs.

    Initial impressions wise the string felt very weird, it felt like i was hitting a plank, don't know if this is normal or not, but after 20 minutes the string opened up and it felt much, much better. It is definitely not as hard as BG 80 but it's not far off, probably medium+ in terms of stiffness. The repulsion was sublime, definitely up there or even better than 66 UM. The control though isn't as good as BG 80, but that is to be expected and it wasn't bad by all means, just not what i'm used to. No idea about durability since it was just strung yesterday but if it's more than a month (that's how long i usually break BG 80) then i'm more than happy. One more thing to note tho is that it is kinda harsh on mis-hits but i dont do so often so i'm not worried.

    Overall i had a great time with the string, i can definitely see myself using it often as a replacement for BG 80 but it will not take its place as the best string i've ever used, that title will always stay with BG 80.
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    Played with LN#1 for a while and I have previously played with BG80 and BG66UM. Currently string at 28lb:
    Feeling is HARD. The string response is very fast initially with not a lot of control/grip. When I first tried this string a lot of my nets went into the net because of the lack of power for the finesse shots; also it's slippery so when I do swiping shots/slices the string doesn't carry it/put a lot of spin. Clears and smashes were weird due to not having that string loading feeling.
    After maybe 2 sessions the string will settle out and give a bit more feedback on touch shots. I'll get a bit more pop off the strings on nets and smashes/clears will feel fuller.
    Its a good repulsion string. First 2 days of playing it I thought I made a mistake of getting it cause it was so unforgiving but after that its great. The feeling and playability doesn't die after its settled out to pretty much till it snaps. When I used BG66UM it'd last me 3 weeks at ~12h a week. LN#1 lasts me 2 months (yellow).

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