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    Had an opportunity to string my Apacs Lethal 110 with the new Lining Ln 70 extreme stringsgty Strung at 27x28 lbs. The strings mentions durability + repulsion extreme. These cost the same here in Delhi for Yonex Bg65, Lining no 5 and Lining LN 70 extreme including labour at INR 400 ie USD 5.34.

    For a string this thick at 0.70 mm the repulsion is absolutely amazing and the hitting sound is great too. These are way way better than Lining no 5 and Yonex BG 65.
    The string definitely have a soft feel to them and they really suit my aggressive game. I found I could control the berdie well both during flat drive exchanges and net game play. Now, about the durability I am quite sure they are at par or above the industry standard of Yonex BG 65. Will update the durability stats later....

    Loved them and must try for Yonex Bg65 fans.

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