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    True story. A few years ago, our group was playing an intense MD game. At the end when we were shaking hands, one of the guys looked off colour and without a word just keeled over into a face plant right on the court. Fortunately it was mat. He's a bit overweight but no pre-existing medical condition.

    Immediately ABC's, no pulse or breaths. Ambulance was called and we were taking turns doing chest compressions for at least 15 minutes before paramedics were able to find our gym location which is in a warehouse district with unlabeled driveways. At the time there was no AED there (now there is thanks to him ) so when the paramedics arrived they had to shock him like 7-8 times over the course of 45 mins before he had a pulse. And apparently we found out later he needed a few more during the ambulance ride to ER. They almost gave up on him in the ER because his pulse was so unstable.

    But somehow miraculously he pulled through overnight... and now he's still playing with us. The specialists said that without our chest compressions to keep his brain and heart supplied with blood during those critical 15 minutes waiting for the paramedics, he would most definitely not be around now.

    So please everybody even if you don't know CPR, just doing chest compressions until the paramedics arrive will give them a fighting chance. And make sure your gym has an AED.

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