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    Sport: Badminton/Swiss Open: No quarters given

    NTSP e-media

    S.S. Dhaliwal

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    THERE won't be such a thing as compromise for the Malaysian shuttlers if they cross one another's path in the Swiss Open and All-England.

    The possibility of them meeting each other in the two tournaments is possible because of the differences in their world rankings.

    While players like Wong Choong Hann are in the top half of the world rankings, others like the Hashim brothers – Roslin and Hafiz – as well as Lee Tsuen Seng are in the lower half.

    And the first such encounter could take place at the Swiss Open, with Choong Hann expected to meet Roslin in a third round clash.

    Choong Hann will have to overcome Chen Yu of China to move to the third round whereas Roslin faces a more difficult task.

    The Kelantanese will have to beat Dane Christian Neils Kaldau in the first round and Thailand's Boonsak Polsana next.

    Coach Misbun Sidek, however, is advocating a free-for-all situation and thus will not instruct any player to throw his match in favour of another.

    "As far as I am concerned, I will not allow any of my players to throw a match," said Misbun.

    "Though some other countries are doing this, it will not happen as far as the Malaysian players are concerned.

    "Should there be a meeting between two Malaysians, my instructions will be simple: ‘just go out there and give it your best and may the best man win'.

    "There are several factors other than just integrity that we are talking about. Fixing matches is not only unfair to the sport but to the fans, who would be feeling cheated." Misbun said what is more vital is the players earn their win in a competitive spirit and not allow others to talk about thing for years to come.

    "Realistically, one may be tempted to get a player to throw a match if it serves the purpose of the team," said Mis-bun.

    "This is especially so when there are players who are chasing for points in their bid to make the Athens Olympics.

    "But this is not fair and the two players should fight it out to decide who moves into the next round.

    "The players are professionals and need the money to supplement their living expen-ses.

    "So how can I ask one player to throw the match in favour of another just because he wants to make it to Athens?" As for the Swiss Open, Misbun said what was more important is the players take it one match at a time and not get unduly concerned about the draw.

    "It may look tough but not impossible. All the players need to do is to remain focused and take it one match at a time," he added.

    "As far as who they meet in the next round, let's take it one match at a time and not get worked up over it."
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    Yup.. Fair play is the best. No match fixing.

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