Question about Yonex and Victor shirt sizes

Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by AreYouEvenMad, May 29, 2022.

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    I'm looking for some new badminton jerseys, and these are two that I really like:


    However, I'm not exactly sure, which size I should get. I have two jerseys from Victor and Li-Ning, both in L. However my normal clothing size (european brands) is M, sometimes even S. So my questions are:

    1) Are all Victor Jerseys the same? The one I have from Victor is this one, it's kinda old already, so maybe they've changed their sizing?

    2) How do Yonex shirts fit compared to Victor shirts? Are they about the same size or bigger/smaller?

    My height is 173cm, about 67kg, if that's any helpful. I like my badminton jerseys rather loose but I also dont wanna go for the full oversized look :D

    And of course, the last question: Which one do you think looks better?

    Thanks in advance for any answers! :)
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    I'm similar in stature and wear Yonex medium (asian size) for all my shirts. The fit is perfect on me, not big, not tight, just right and comfortable.

    I also have several Yonex size large shirts but seldomly wear them. Just find them too baggy and big.

    For perspective i own one victor shirt size medium (asian size). Its very tight so i never worn it. I believe I'm size large in victor?

    For all other clothings from asia i wear large (asian size) and they all fit well. In this case, Yonex sizing seems to run big.

    To answer your last question. Out of the two shirts you post, i like the Victor one. Sole reason being the Yonex shirt have elongated sleeves and I tend to avoid those design. Just prefer a regular sleeve length.

    Hope that helps.
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    Hampshire, England
    I'm 169cm and ~66-68kg.

    I can't comment on the sizing of Victor tops because I've only ever worn Yonex ones.

    Most Yonex uk Medium size tops fit me. But sometimes you do get the odd one where the M is too small around the shoulders or waist.
    A friend of mine went to the All England this year and bought me a tshirt back from it. Cool shirt, but it's a tiny bit too tight, and it's a Yonex uk M size.

    To be super sure, buy a M and L and return the one that doesn't fit. Yonex tops usually come in a resealable plastic bag with some small packaging inside. Just make sure to keep the tag things attached if you might return it.

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