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    Badminton Central Marketplace survival guide

    read this guide if you want to have a smooth transaction in the BF Forum.

    disclaimer: BadmintonCentral.com provides the MarketPlace Forum as a free service. BadmintonCentral.com cannot, do not, and will not be responsible for any transactions in the Forum. it is up to you and the other party to settle any disputes.

    NOTE: dealers / business transactions and advertising are strictly not allowed in the BC Marketplace Forum. the BF Marketplace Forums are for private sales only.

    A dealer is defined as anyone who is :

    - selling 2 or more of the same product(s) and/or
    - selling 1 or more brand new product(s) and/or
    - selling new products for profit purposes and/or
    - periodically selling almost new items, under one or more usernames and/or
    - who owns or work for a badminton retail business and/or
    - who is selling on behalf of a dealer as defined above and/or
    - selling used items above market price and/or
    - selling new items above wholesale price

    if we see a post like: " contact me, I have some **** for sale. " without further details as to how many, then we will interpret "some" as "many" and assume you have a fair amount of those sitting around and will classify you as a dealer.


    give as much information as possible, here are the checklist of info that you are required to include:
    • PRICE MUST BE SPECIFIED. no auction/bidding allowed.
    • on subject of your post, specify FS (forsale) and then brief name of items, and price.
    • make and model
    • detailed specs - 2U/3U, G4/5, sizes (for say shoes)
    • price you want for your item with currency - $100 can be HK$100 or US$100 (HK$780)
    • location - most ppl prefer to not have to pay US$25 worth of shipping if you are far from them
    • shipping preference - are you willing to ship the racket to another country?
    • shipping cost if applicable
    • condition of item - age, scratches, etc.
    • if possible, and will make buyers much more comfortable, post pictures of your item
    • if item is sold, post a messages saying so
    • no fake / counterfeit items are allowed in the marketplace
    • item that been posted in other web such as ebay, forum and any online selling is not permitted.
    • on subject of your post, specify WTB (want to buy). and then brief name of items, and price.
    • what you are looking for, be more specific
    • your target price
    • your location
    • if you are interested in the item, contact the seller via PM or email (if he provides one)
    • bargaining should be done via PM.
    • buyers beware - make sure you get as much info on the item as possible

    • if you are doing a overseas transaction, make sure you understand the implications of the shipping cost and any import duties imposed by your country.
    • if you are not interested in buying the item, don't comment on it and spoil it for the others who are
    "For Trade" only posts
    • Any trade also involves valuing of the product offered. The notional trading cost/value (same as sale value) must be clearly mentioned. REPEAT: The notional value = what you think it would be worth if you were to put it up for sale. It provides the other party an idea of what the product is worth to you.

    local market info

    if you want to know where to find a shop in a certain location, do a search first. likely it will have been discussed, esp for popular locations like Singapore, Thailand, HK, etc.

    Currency Exchange Rate

    you can find the latest exchange rate here:

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    Additional note.

    Periodically, we see some *for sale* posts that use words such as:
    "clearance sale", or
    "for one day only", or
    "Christmas/Chinese New Year Sale".

    No colourful descriptions or language in the heading, keep it simple. Threads with such titles are at risk of deletion.
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    Additional notice.

    Bumps of ads within 24 hours of last posting risk being suspended.
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