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Discussion in 'Racket Recommendation / Comparison' started by Dlee, Sep 26, 2022.

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    Hi all,

    My doubles partner recently retired his Voltric Flashboost (green version) where the frame literally folded following a smash (to be fair, the frame was a bit wonky after being strung so probably on its way out) and he would like suggestions for alternatives.

    I have given him an Astrox FB thinking it as a natural successor where he played well with it but I think he wants to try something new (not Yonex).

    Does anyone have any recommendations for light (sub 80g) rackets?

    With regards to specs (balance and stiffness); I would guess head-heavy and medium - stiff

    I was thinking about the windstorm 72/74 but wasn’t sure about the flexibility (too flexible?) or victors light fighters (7400, 7500 etc) but the latter appear to be harder to find
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    Just some thoughts about the weight of a racket. Your hands weight roughly 500 gr, my watch roughly 40 gr, so adding 5 gr or 10 gr to a badminton handle would not make such a great impact, but putting 5 or 10 gr on the head (lever end), would make a great difference.

    So, the weight of a racket isn't by far as important as the weight distribution, so a lighter head-heavy racket could feel heavier than a heavier , light-headed racket.

    Best to try out different rackets. A head heavy, medium stiff racket is the astrox 77 (new pro version has been released already ?).
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    I had just bought a Mizuno Fortius 90 racket and I had my first session with this racket yesterday. Mizuno Fortius 90 is a 6U5, medium flex and head heavy racket, max tension is 29lbs. I had this racket stringed at 29Ibs to get the maximum power out of it. To my amazement, this racket is a joy to play with! I can easily generate power fast easily for drives and smashes, and I think this now my most powerful racket, considered that my previous rackets are LN N90II and LN N50, and I also owned a LN N90 and N90III. Due to its super light weight, I can easily manuever it to do all kinds of shots with ease and defending with this racket is so fast and powerful. Really love this racket so much now.

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